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Ignorance is Iblis?

Salam, The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist – Baudelaire, Charles. Okay don’t take the title of this post literally, I just used that to get your attention. It’s just word play with the quote “ignorance is bliss”. Anyway, Ramadan is over and if there’s one thing you […]

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The Real Halal Hustle

“The last of it is musk. So for this let the competitors compete.” – Qu’ran 83:26 In the streets, they “Hustle + Muscle = Success”. Often times, it’s lines like this entrepreneurs can relate to when starting out any venture. Taking an idea and growing it to become a reality isn’t easy. It’s a constant […]

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The Good Life: Remembering Not to Forget Allah

Salam Yo, I’ve always loved marketing, most importantly the consumer psychological/behavior aspect of it which is extremely interesting when you start studying it deeply. I’ll give you one example. Pepperidge farms sells many products but one of their most successful ones are Goldfish crackers, yea they are cute, tasty and are shaped just like little […]

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Muslim Hulk Giving Green Deen Daw’ah

Living in the world we do where Islam is constantly being demonized and misrepresented. Us Muslims in the world and especially in the west have a big responsibility to educate people about the true teachings of this beautiful way of life. That being said, social media is a great way to inform non Muslims and […]

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Testing a New Market: the Muslim-American Consumer

Here is a recent video that was produced by Illume Magazine. It’s great to see Best Buy recognizing consumer values and marketing to Muslims, maybe if Circuit City did the same they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, haha. Just playing.

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Learning to Stand up against Islamophobia Event

Insh’Allah this Saturday a program on “Learning to stand up against Islamophobia” will be held in Long Island, NY. If your free like a bird come true!..I mean through. =) Organized by Muslim Peace Coalition USA, below are some topics that will be covered: * Why Muslims must be part of the peace movement * […]

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