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Watch!! Future Man Season 1 Episode 1 (2017) Online and Download

You can WATCH Future Man Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Full Online Free HD. Future Man Season 1 Episode 1 The Best Quality Here at “123movies” Yessss. Pilot – Future Man Season 1 Episode 1 [720p] HDTV can be found on our website including the Quality Future Man Season 1 Episode 1 HDHQ [1080p]. WATCH […]

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Take Halal Risks to Get Halal Rizq

Assalamu-Alaikum, One of things I often see in the world of marketing is deception or setting unrealistic expectations for a client. This is particularly evident when sales people are out persuading their prospective clients they should buy the product or service they are pitching. What’s interesting is that Shaytan creates this false hope or motivation […]

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Zappos Customer Service

How to Apply Best Customer Service Practices for Daw’ah

Salam, Being in the entrepreneur mode lately, I’ve been thinking about what makes certain companies successful. After reading up on some which are the cream of the crop in customer service, including, Nordstrom and Zappo’s to name a few, I was motivated to write a post about how we can take some business lessons […]

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Salam, It’s no surprise the Muslim market is rapidly growing and is slowly becoming an attractive pool for mainstream brands. Just recently, Whole Foods Campaign launched their first Ramadan campaign in hope to engage with an affluent, educated Muslim market and from the looks of it so far, Muslims love it. Consumer packaged goods is […]

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“THIS toothbrush”: Marketing the Miswak (Twig) in the West.

Okay so the Miswak is nothing new and has been used for well over a 1000 years in the Middle East. Some Muslims prefer it over modern toothbrushes because of it’s Oral Hygiene benefits and also because it was a recommended practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I wrote an article […]

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Testing a New Market: the Muslim-American Consumer

Here is a recent video that was produced by Illume Magazine. It’s great to see Best Buy recognizing consumer values and marketing to Muslims, maybe if Circuit City did the same they wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, haha. Just playing.

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