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How to Talk to Young Muslims

Salam Yo, One of the topics I’ve been thinking about lately is how parents or in general elders speak to young Muslims who are far from the Deen.  Often times, their tone or approach in talking ends up driving them further away from doing what is right. I’ll give you one example: One of my […]

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Tarbiyah or Disturbia?

“Knowledge is what benefits. Knowledge is not what one has memorized.” Imam al-Shafi So before I jump into my article, Tarbiyah is an Arabic word that linguistically means increase, growth, and loftiness. I guess in practical terms, it would involve the pursuit of knowledge and acting on it for personal spiritual and mental growth. Disturbia […]

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Muslim Hulk Giving Green Deen Daw’ah

Living in the world we do where Islam is constantly being demonized and misrepresented. Us Muslims in the world and especially in the west have a big responsibility to educate people about the true teachings of this beautiful way of life. That being said, social media is a great way to inform non Muslims and […]

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Fasting on the day of Ashura by Imam Yasir Birjas

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Russell Simmons on Why Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Built

You give the rights to others want you want for yourself. So many Rabbi’s want to join me in celebrating the building of this Islamic cultural center because they know the best way to fight antisemitism is to fight Islamophobia

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Why you Should Diversify your Sadaqa and Help the Homeless

Along time ago I remember hearing some lines from an artist, who said “stop bein greedy, just keep it real partner give to the needy”. Simple lines but no doubt very powerful. This immediately reminded me of the hadith by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who said “A believer is not the […]

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