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Sameer Eats Just About Anything Halal

Salam Yo, Are you all ready to start fasting next month insh’Allah? Good news, Shaytan is getting ready to bounce and won’t bother us for one whole month. Anyways, I came across a pretty cool production I wanted to share with all of you called Sameer’s Eats. Basically this brother Sameer travels across America and […]

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Oreo Cookies are not Halal?

[UPDATE]: Whoo hoo..Alhumdulilah, so my cousin known as Angry Brown Guy contacted Nabisco and he got a response, they said as long as the North American Oreo product is not “Reduced Fat” or of the “Sugar Free” variety then it’s good to go (halal). See the images below for proof…thanks Faraz!! Before you start throwing […]

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Is it Haraam to Celebrate Birthdays?

Are you allowed to celebrate your birthday as a Muslim?

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Why Halal is More Humane

Interesting article, after reading this it’s easier to understand why more and more non Muslims have switched to Halal. Andy Elliott may think that the suffering faced by animals slaughtered under Halal law is ‘unimaginable’ (Write Back, October 16), yet should he inadvertently cut himself with something sharp, he would not notice until he saw […]

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Get The New Zabihah.com Iphone App

I don’t have an Iphone, I’m still a blackberry/crackberry fan but I heard they are making the Zabihah app for blackberry’s soon also insh’Allah. ‘ That would be nice! Anyways the new app is out and it’s only $2.99 If you have the Iphone, you should consider getting it. You never know where you can […]

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Squash the Beef Please

“None of you will have faith till he wishes for his brother what he likes for himself.” – Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) Don’t go into your freezer and pull out some halal beef and start stomping on it. The title refers to beef as in ” conflict” between two […]

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