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Beard Expressions

Grow the beard! How to Give Dawah and Not Scare Muslims Away

A while ago when I first started this blog, I wrote a post about why growing the Beard for a brother and wearing the Hijab for a sister is beneficial. I provided some proof and like every post, I was faced with criticism. To me it is what it is, if something is clear in the […]

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Go Memorize the 99 Names of Allah

Image via Wikipedia Today is 9/9/09, now go memorize the 99 names of Allah =)! It was the first thought that came to my mind when I thinking about the date, so I put it up as my facebook status. So why should you memorize the 99 names of Allah (swt)? The Messenger of Allah […]

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Ramadan Health Guide

I hope nobody gains weight this Ramadan! Unless they really have to of course, but other than that we should all ask ourselves how are we dieting this Ramadan? I just received this health guide and thought you guys would be interested, since all of you care so much about your health right, right? =). […]

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Smiling Earth

Keep Smiling, It’s Sunnah!

Why are you grilling me like that? I didn’t do anything bad to you.  Smile, It’s a charity and it’s free! But make sure you use the miswak or brush your teeth 3x a day, ha. Anyhow, alot of Muslims often look at you like you stole something, so here is a Hadith we should […]

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Popular at Chill Yo Islam Yo

If your new to this blog, Welcome! Come on in take your shoes off, chill it’s not the masjid, you don’t have to. It’s, meaning a bunch of articles with real halal talk. Anyways if you have just recently arrived, you might be interested in checking out my previously written articles which readers have […]

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1-866-NASEEHA (Your Muslim Youth Helpline)

Mash’Allah it’s great to see a service like this. Alot of youth suffering from depression, emotional distress, Islamophobia, parents-youth conflict, suicidal thoughts, peer pressure, you name it, don’ t have access to resources or professionals that can counsel them. If you know someone who is suffering from any of these conditions and is need of […]

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