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Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 3 Episode 16 | S3E16 Watch Online Streaming Hq

You’ll be able to watch and stream Movies Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 3 Episode 16 with us here at “123movies” anytime without any restrictions or limitations. Just remember Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 3 Episode 16 Videos are available at our site “123movies”. —————————————— Original Title : Star vs. The […]

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Tech v. Islam: Part I

This article is an introduction to a multi-part series that weighs in on the benefits and repercussions of changes in the tech world for the average practicing Muslims. A person who goes in search of knowledge, he is in the path of Allah, and he remains so until he returns – Tirmidhi Islam gave early Muslims […]

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How Steve Jobs Started – The Life Of Apple’s Founder (Infographic)

Salam, I was surfing the web today and found a real cool infographic of the life of Steve Jobs. People’s attention spans are short like midgets. It’s great to see designers craft content like this which makes it so easy to digest. Anyways, check it out below.

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iPhone 6 T-Mobile Contract Free from Apple, Does That Mean its Unlocked For Other Carriers?

For those of you who are ordering the iPhone 6. You know it was pretty crazy trying to get a pre-order. More confusing, was whether or not the iPhone 6 t-mobile unlocked version will work on other carriers? I did some research and found the following chat exchange between a customer and an apple rep […]

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If you’re a halal foodie, you probably know about the app/website. It’s pretty much the only widely used option for finding local halal restaurants. After years of being released on iOS and Android. The app has finally made it’s way to the slowly growing windows phone platform. While the platform has emerged as a […]

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Facebook Like Chill Yo Islam Yo

Sharing Articles with the Facebook Like Button

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who have shared my articles with others. Whether it be through word of mouth, social networking, etc. Recently I’ve been making small tweaks to One of which relates to sharing my content on the web more easily, specifically on facebook. To do this, I’ve […]

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