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Fear the Beard

Fear the Beard?

Salam, Okay don’t fear the beard. I just titled the post that to grab your attention. Let’s get away from doing takfir and say any man who doesn’t have a fear isn’t a practicing Muslim. I remember at Brooklyn college, a bunch of brothers would get together daily to pray Salat. As usual, there was […]

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Dawah Invitation

Dawah: Getting it Right When We’re Ready to Invite

Salam Yo, The other day I was talking with one of my managers at work and we ended up discussing religion. He’s very philosophical, so he’ll say things like “there are many different ways to get to the top of the mountain”. I don’t climb mountains, I’m scared of heights. Definitely some Buddhist influence there. […]

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Jay-Z & Kanye West Tour Manager accepts Islam – The Deen Show (Video)

Masha’Allah, former tour manager for top celebrity’s Br. George Green by the guidance of Allah swt become Muslim recently this year. He had the opportunity to perform Umrah this month and I think the following statement by him captured the moment where it all changed. “As I walked into the masjid and headed towards the […]

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How to Talk to Young Muslims

Salam Yo, One of the topics I’ve been thinking about lately is how parents or in general elders speak to young Muslims who are far from the Deen.  Often times, their tone or approach in talking ends up driving them further away from doing what is right. I’ll give you one example: One of my […]

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Zappos Customer Service

How to Apply Best Customer Service Practices for Daw’ah

Salam, Being in the entrepreneur mode lately, I’ve been thinking about what makes certain companies successful. After reading up on some which are the cream of the crop in customer service, including Amazon.com, Nordstrom and Zappo’s to name a few, I was motivated to write a post about how we can take some business lessons […]

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How Not to Talk at a Muslim Student College Event

Invite them to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for your Lord knows best, who have strayed from his path, and who receive guidance. Qur’an (16:25) This post is directed at Muslims who speak on public forums, more specifically […]

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