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Jay-Z & Kanye West Tour Manager accepts Islam – The Deen Show (Video)

Masha’Allah, former tour manager for top celebrity’s Br. George Green by the guidance of Allah swt become Muslim recently this year. He had the opportunity to perform Umrah this month and I think the following statement by him captured the moment where it all changed. “As I walked into the masjid and headed towards the […]

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An Intimate Conversation With Suhaib Webb (Video)

An Intimate Conversation With Suhaib Webb from Mustafa Davis on Vimeo.

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Beautiful Tajweed by Homeless Man in Hamra Street Egypt

The blog post title says it all, but masha’Allah his tajweed is on point! Maybe we’ll never know who recorded this video or who the Man is but May Allah (swt) increase him in his rizq and take him out of poverty, Ameen.

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Islam Is Not The Enemy – MTV Promoting Peace and Understanding

It’s great to see campaigns like this that tackle the two main problems in the world today, terrorism and ignorance. The solution is without doubt peace and understanding. Thank you MTV! MTV Shows May Allah swt guide us all, Ameen!

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Boonaa Mohammed – For the Love

Boonaa Mohammed

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Upsy Daisy by Rashid A Bhika and Yusuf Islam

Upsy Daisy by Rashid A Bhika and Yusuf Islam

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