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When Consumerism Consumes Us

“Four things in life kill the soul; incessant sinning, arguing with fools, excessive dallying with women, and keeping company with the dead. Who are the dead, command of the faithful? Ali’s companions asked, all those mered in luxury, he answered.”  Salam, One thing I’ve noticed about myself recently is getting caught up in debates about products. […]

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Take Halal Risks to Get Halal Rizq

Assalamu-Alaikum, One of things I often see in the world of marketing is deception or setting unrealistic expectations for a client. This is particularly evident when sales people are out persuading their prospective clients they should buy the product or service they are pitching. What’s interesting is that Shaytan creates this false hope or motivation […]

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Stop Being Cheap! Allah Swt Promises You 10x Back On Your Investment For His Sake.

Salam yo, I’m starting to realize every time I try to give some money for the masjid or charity shatan comes sideways at me and is like “chill your going to be broke saad”. Then I say to shatan “chill, fall back” I trust Allah swt. Especially on Fridays when I’m about to run out […]

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