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Tech v. Islam: Part I

This article is an introduction to a multi-part series that weighs in on the benefits and repercussions of changes in the tech world for the average practicing Muslims. [su_divider top=”no”] A person who goes in search of knowledge, he is in the path of Allah, and he remains so until he returns – Tirmidhi Islam gave […]

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Fear the Beard

Fear the Beard?

Salam, Okay don’t fear the beard. I just titled the post that to grab your attention. Let’s get away from doing takfir and say any man who doesn’t have a fear isn’t a practicing Muslim. I remember at Brooklyn college, a bunch of brothers would get together daily to pray Salat. As usual, there was […]

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Innocence and Intervention [Part 2]: The Etiquette’s of Not Minding Your Own Beeswax

Bismillah, Assalaam’alaikum We last left off at watching a sister handle some junior high school kids on the train. How did she take care of it, and how should you do the same in case you ever become a witness to bullying? Well, when it comes to etiquettes, first and foremost, always keep in mind […]

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Innocence and Intervention [Part 1]: Should You Mind Your Own Beeswax?

Bismillah, as salaam ‘alaikum! So I commute a lot. Every once in awhile I witness the loud manifestations of young adults in junior high or high school on the train. Sometimes, I laugh in my head at the things I hear. Other times, I just shake my head and wonder what this world is coming […]

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My Fellow American Muslim

Mash’Allah. Shout out to the team at for sending me this! You have to give a lot of credit to anyone helping out in anti-hate campaigns. At a time where American Muslims are being demonized and bigots are spreading hate campaigns, it’s great to see counter campaigns and projects like My Fellow American that […]

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Taking Heed from the Signs of Allah (swt), Convert Story From GainPeace

Subhan’Allah, It’s amazing how people come to Islam through different ways,  most importantly take heed from the signs of Allah swt. A friend of mine shared a recent convert story in the aftermath of the deadly tornadoes/storms in the U.S. that is a must read, check it out below: Jeffery had been studying Islam and […]

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