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Constructive Criticism

How to Take Constructive Criticism Without Getting Angry

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the best Muslim of them all? Only Allah swt knows so don’t jump to conclusions and don’t talk to the mirror, there is actually a dua for when you look into the mirror, do you know it? Here it goes: Alllahuma anta hasaanta khalqii fahassin khuluqii. “Oh Allah! As […]

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Keep it Fresh

Why You Should Smell Good, A Sunnah Perspective.

Using Fragrances in Islam

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Jumu’ah Prayer Tip: Don’t Block Your Neighbors Driveway

At least one Friday of every Month, their has to be one Muslim brother who does something stupid to annoy the Sheikh. The most recent one? A brother blocked a neighbors driveway so he could catch the Jumu’ah Salat with congregation, then the whole Salat we heard someone “honking”. As a result, he ruined the […]

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Islam and Mercy

Here is an essay I wrote for a class I took last semester called “Women in Islam”. The topic I chose was “Islam and Mercy”, Send some halal feedback a.k.a constructive criticism. Here is a sneak peek at the end of the essay where I quoted my favorite Hadith “I end with a beautiful hadith […]

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God Gives To Whom He Wishes, Don’t Get It Twisted.

Salam, Mashallah, I read a beautiful hadith today. It was actually quoted in a book called “Treatise on Maqasid al- Shari’ah by the great 20th century Zaytuna scholar Shaikh Muhammad AL-Tahir ibn Ashur ( May Allah swt have mercy on him). Check it out (Narrated in Sahih Muslim that Abu Hurayrah reported) The poor amongst […]

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