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Qari Youssef Taraweeh Recitation

Mash’Allah, there’s nothing more soothing to the ears than Qur’an when it’s recited clearly and in a beautiful way. Enough said, Qari Youssef’s recitation is simply amazing. Peep the video below to hear him. May Allah (swt) preserve this brother, Ameen. Do you have any Qur’an reciters/recordings to share? Share them! insh’Allah I’ll post my […]

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Please Support the Al Amaanah Refugee Pepsi Refresh Project

I like to share some info on an initiative which was inspired through the Pepsi Refresh Project. To be precise, it came from a youth organization in Houston called Al Amaanah ( The whole idea behind the Pepsi Refresh Project is simple: it’s an online cause marketing campaign by Pepsi or as the Arabs say […]

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Bayyinah Dream Program – An In-Depth Look

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Shaquille O’Neal Talks about Hakeem Olajuwon and Plans for Hajj

Salam, Shout out to Br. Meer for sharing this. I just came across a video of Shaq a.k.a Shaq Attack, a.k.a Shaq Diesel a.k.a “the big leprechaun” talking about this plans for hajj. Even more surprising was he said “insh’Allah” to making the holy pilgrimage one day and mentioned that NBA superstar and his Muslim […]

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“Be Peacemakers”, Sermon by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Eid Al-Fitr 2010

Be pious people, be good people. Don’t cheat the system, live within the laws, this is our religion. To be good citizens. Be exemplars to this religion, your here your not somewhere else. You have immense opportunity, many of you have been blessed greatly. Use your wealth for good. Don’t squander this opportunity, life is […]

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Sneak Peak at Bayyinah Institute Campus (lobby)

Mash’Allah, the Bayyinah dream project is no longer a dream. CEO Brother Nouman Ali Khan just posted this picture on Linkedin. I have to say this looks very impressive, Alhumdulilah.

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