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Insults are better taken lying down, claim scientists

Subhan’Allah! Scientists are always making new discoverys, their latest one? New research has shown that those who take personal insults while upright exhibited brain activity linked to attacking but this urge disappeared when they took the same insults lying down. Basically they figured out that if you are insulted in different positions other than standing […]

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The Realness of Abu Bakr (R)

Subhan’Allah, I came across a statement of Abu Bakr (R) that really made me reflect deeply on his love for our  beloved Prophet Muhammad (s). Allama Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani reiterated the hadith of the Messenger of Allah (s) in which he said ” I love three things in this world: Fragrance; a pious wife; and […]

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Islam and Mercy

Here is an essay I wrote for a class I took last semester called “Women in Islam”. The topic I chose was “Islam and Mercy”, Send some halal feedback a.k.a constructive criticism. Here is a sneak peek at the end of the essay where I quoted my favorite Hadith “I end with a beautiful hadith […]

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The Color Green and Islam

Salam yo, Shrek, Listerine, doublemint gum, marijuana (chill yo islam yo), nature, grass, fresh, those are some images that come to my head when I think of the color green. The religion of Islam? to some people it does, they consider the color “holy” So I decided to do some research since I see some […]

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Ten Sicknesses of the Heart

Salam, This is one of the realest things I’ve heard in my life, insh’allah we can all learn from this.  Ibrahim Bin Adham ( May Allah swt have mercy on him) told these sicknesses of the spiritual heart to a group of people who asked him why their dua’s weren’t getting answered. In other words, […]

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Thugs in The Masjid

Salam, I thought you guys would find this article interesting, it’s by a journalist named Adisa Banjoko. It was originally published in www.illumemagazine.org. I always hear two sides of the story as far as which rappers have really reverted to Islam and what their beliefs are. This article cleared up some misunderstandings I had. I […]

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