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How Not to Judge the Opposite Gender in Islam

Sorry for not posting this whole month, I’ve been busy recently since I went to California to give Dawah to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just playing, I was there chilling with family under palm trees and getting some work done. Anyways, I wanted to write about an idea which I realized is coming into the minds of […]

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Alkauthar Institute, A to Z of Love and Mercy – MANCHESTER 2009

Salam, Chill Yo Halal Marriage Yo, this institute reminds me of Al Maghrib Institute and the fiqh of love class. I wonder if they are connected. Peep the video below for the upcoming event. A-Z of Love and Mercy – Essential knowledge. The Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury Manchester: Sat 6th […]

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I want to get married But…

Salam, Of course no one can disagree from an Islamic perspective that the belief one should get married earlier is best. Due to societal pressures and natural inclinations. Recently I’ve seen some brothers and sisters become trend settaz with doing their nikkah and holding off until the actual wedding and valima. Now we have to […]

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Find Your Muslim Spouse Online?

Salam, Inshallah i want to get married one day, imagine your wife waking you up for fajr, no need for alarm clocks. You know what they say, the earlier the better! Any hows I think we all want to get married, find a partner that can help us stay on the deen and finally get […]

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Getting Married at the Masjid

Salam, Inshallah every one of us plan on getting married, I don’t know if it will be a traditional Islamic wedding or it will be an American dream wedding…… But i wanted to talk about the benefits of getting married at the masjid or (MAS GID) as the Arabs say. Well first of all I’m […]

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