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Fasting on the day of Ashura by Imam Yasir Birjas

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Islam Is Not The Enemy – MTV Promoting Peace and Understanding

It’s great to see campaigns like this that tackle the two main problems in the world today, terrorism and ignorance. The solution is without doubt peace and understanding. Thank you MTV! MTV Shows May Allah swt guide us all, Ameen!

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Russell Simmons on Why Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Built

You give the rights to others want you want for yourself. So many Rabbi’s want to join me in celebrating the building of this Islamic cultural center because they know the best way to fight antisemitism is to fight Islamophobia

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Imam Suhaib Webb on Why Religion Still Matters

More information on the event here. May Allah swt make it successful, Ameen.

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Beards: They Grow On You!

I wonder how many Muslim brothers will buy this T Shirt, haha. I came across it randomly at

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