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African Animals

Better Recognize Animal Rights!

Salam Yo, Allah swt says in the Quran:  “There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you…” (Quran 6:38) Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about people torturing animals. Its kind of sickening to know people torture them for no reason. […]

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Yo Brother, that’s not a Cigarette that Cigaweed! Astugfurillah

Salam, why are Muslim youth smoking weed? Whatever happened to Following the Sunnah, now a days brothers want to be Rasta’s and follow Bob Marley…yes they want to get high on life! Astugfurillah! Whether it’s because they can’t control there desires or there friend’s, myself, coming from Brooklyn where you probably any kind of weed […]

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Finding moderation

Finding Moderation, Fighting our Animalistic Desires…

Salam, brothers and sisters…. Have you ever asked yourself how much of something you really need? I did, and after realizing how much of an animal I can be at  time’s, I felt like moving to the bronx zoo, well here is what im trying to get at. We all have these inner desire’s called […]

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