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Stop Reminding Me About Haram Stuff

Reminders can be a good or bad thing. Lately, I’ve found it really annoying when people remind me about other Muslims sins. Not only does it make me think of others in a different light but worse of all the sin itself. I’ve fallen victim to the trend, where suddenly you get sucked into a backbiting […]

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Tattoo Process

Risk Analysis, Why Shouldn’t You Get a Tattoo?

Salam Yo, Sorry been on the down low like a submarine for the last few weeks. Caught up with the worldly life and busy schedule. Well who cares,I have something to write about. Let me start with a verse from the Holy Quran: God does not seek to place a burden on you, but that […]

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The Truth About Haramoween, I mean Halloween

Salam, Calling all goons and goblins, Trick or treat? Smell my feet, Oh wait I don’t have wudu, ha ha. Oh and if your wondering about the picture, you will probably see alot of people dressed up as joker this year, maybe even Sarah Palin since she is losing the election and will have time […]

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Keeping a Dog in the House…

Salam, Arf Arf! Maybe one day when you have a big house, with a white fence, green sparkling grass and are eating sunny side up eggs, it might cross your mind to have a dog in your house. You know the American dream. Hopefully the devil won’t whisper in your ears like he did with […]

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Yo Brother, that’s not a Cigarette that Cigaweed! Astugfurillah

Salam, why are Muslim youth smoking weed? Whatever happened to Following the Sunnah, now a days brothers want to be Rasta’s and follow Bob Marley…yes they want to get high on life! Astugfurillah! Whether it’s because they can’t control there desires or there friend’s, myself, coming from Brooklyn where you probably any kind of weed […]

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