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The Real Halal Hustle

By Saad
June 1, 2013

“The last of it is musk. So for this let the competitors compete.” – Qu’ran 83:26 In the streets, they “Hustle + Muscle = Success”. Often times, it’s lines like this entrepreneurs can relate to when starting out any venture. Taking an idea and growing it to become a reality isn’t easy. It’s a constant […]

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Real Leaders Lead By Example

By Saad
April 14, 2013

“O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?” – Qu’ran, 61:2 We hear it often, people say “success breathes success”. Whether it be in the context of a business, organization, or a captain of a team. Without true leaders, success doesn’t permeate. One thing that has constantly amazed me […]

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Not Moderation

Finding Moderation in an Extreme World

By Saad
February 10, 2013

Assalamu-Alaikum, The other day I was on the subway and I noticed an advertisement that immediately got me thinking about extremism in society. (Check it out below) While the word “extremism” is usually talked about in the context of violence, we often fail to observe other areas in life where individuals or societies go to […]

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Innocence and Intervention [Part 2]: The Etiquette’s of Not Minding Your Own Beeswax

By Annam
December 22, 2012

Bismillah, Assalaam’alaikum We last left off at watching a sister handle some junior high school kids on the train. How did she take care of it, and how should you do the same in case you ever become a witness to bullying? Well, when it comes to etiquettes, first and foremost, always keep in mind […]

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Innocence and Intervention [Part 1]: Should You Mind Your Own Beeswax?

By Annam
December 6, 2012

Bismillah, as salaam ‘alaikum! So I commute a lot. Every once in awhile I witness the loud manifestations of young adults in junior high or high school on the train. Sometimes, I laugh in my head at the things I hear. Other times, I just shake my head and wonder what this world is coming […]

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