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The Art of Giving and Taking Constructive Criticism

Salam, There’s a thin line between deflecting the blame and calling for equal accountability in both professional and personal life. One behavioral pattern I’ve seen evident from working at companies, and among family relations is that not everyone is necessarily open to criticism, including myself. Imam Shafi was once asked “How did you attain such […]

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Real Leaders Lead By Example

“O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?” – Qu’ran, 61:2 We hear it often, people say “success breathes success”. Whether it be in the context of a business, organization, or a captain of a team. Without true leaders, success doesn’t permeate. One thing that has constantly amazed me […]

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Idea Lightbulb

How to Make an idea Become Reality

Salam Yo, Recently I’ve been thinking about the power of innovation, relax not bida. I’m talking about original ideas and taking them from conception to reality. Whether it’s entrepreneurship or just driving positive change in society. One of the key characteristics about people who are movers and shakers in this world is they identify an […]

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