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Finding moderation

Finding Moderation, Fighting our Animalistic Desires…

Salam, brothers and sisters…. Have you ever asked yourself how much of something you really need? I did, and after realizing how much of an animal I can be at  time’s, I felt like moving to the bronx zoo, well here is what im trying to get at. We all have these inner desire’s called […]

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Becoming a leader, protecting your flock….

Salam, There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Prophet Muhammad is his last messenger… As a youth growing up in such a corrupt society, with my fluctuating iman, sometimes being a product of my environment, then gradually becoming a more practicing Muslim, and analyzing my surroundings and trying my best to absorb only […]

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Prison then Heaven inshallah!

  Prison then Heaven inshallah! Im a muslim, and this life as we know it as written in the Quran ” is a prison for a believer”, so while we are locked up, its important that we keep ourselves in check and dont escape prison, if you know what i mean, prison is hard, your […]

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Anger Management!

If there are any jews visiting my site, sorry i had to use this picture, but it came up when i typed controlling anger in google images, but dont worry we gotta have halal and kosher anger management, and thats what leads me to my next post about controlling our anger!! so yea today we […]

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why music? when we have nasheeds and quran!!

Why do i listen to music?, whether im in my room, or driving with my friends, or walking down the street, i hear music, if im in a desi community ill hear chalte chalte, if im in the hood ill hear jay z or 50 cent, when im going on long rides that are depressing […]

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The Importance of Muslim Youth Organizations In North America

I Recently wrote an article for the mirror international newspaper about the importance of muslim youth organizations in north america…read on. The Importance of Muslim Youth Organizations in North America By Saad Ahmad In this day and age, almost every individual has heard about Islam, whether it is from the news, newspaper, or from the […]

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