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Colgate Herbal Miswak Toothpaste

Colgate Herbal Miswak Toothpaste

As the Muslim market continues to grow, more and more brands are cleverly creating products and services that Muslim consumers love. Here is a photo I recently saw of Colgate herbal miswak toothpaste sitting on a store shelf. A couple of months ago I wrote about how a particular miswak called “This Miswak” is making […]

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Grinch - Lowe's

Lowe’s Supports Bigotry Against American Muslims: What You Can Do About It

Salam, Before I lay the hammer down which I bought from home depot I want to make it clear that the action taken by Lowe’s obviously does not represent the views of every one of their employees so it’s important to keep it fair. Anyways, the old Lowe’s slogan “Let’s build something together” is gone […]

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