How to Make an idea Become Reality

Salam Yo,

Recently I’ve been thinking about the power of innovation, relax not bida. I’m talking about original ideas and taking them from conception to reality. Whether it’s entrepreneurship or just driving positive change in society.

One of the key characteristics about people who are movers and shakers in this world is they identify an opportunity and they take act on it right away. Not necessary monetarily (for profit), but because they understand that if no one else in the world does it then mankind is potentially at a huge loss.

Anyways this reminded me of the one quotes of Imam Bukhari (R.A). In case you don’t know, he was one of the greatest hadith collectors in the history of Islam. But check this out, he himself was inspired and motivated to make power moves after his teacher bought up the idea to him. 

“There was once a time during one of our sessions when my teacher Ishaaq Ibn Rahway remarked it would be appreciated if someone could collect hadith which held strong and reliable testimonials and wrote them in the form of a kitaab.”

That’s a perfect example of someone who heard an idea and was able to execute on it. Imam Bukhari didn’t just sit around and let the opportunity pass, there was intense work ethic and determination throughout his life.  He invested his time and energy to reach that goal. Which is why his collection called Sahih al-Bukhari is one of six major books on hadith till this day. He was blessed with amazing memory and that obviously played a role. He worked on the final collection for over 16 years! Subhan’Allah.

People often say when it comes to business “they can’t think of any ideas”.  You can find ideas if you ask yourself what your passionate about, remember the best work is the work you enjoy doing. In the case of Imam Bukhari, it was also his thirst of knowledge that also drove his efforts.

Now transitioning to the bread and butter of this post, chill butter is high in cholesterol. Let’s say bread and olive oil, since the olive is a blessed fruit.

Anyways, How do you make an idea become reality?

Here are five tips I’ve put together that will insh’Allah be of benefit:

  1. Intention – Of course nothing becomes reality without the permission of Allah (swt) and this is something that we should always be conscious of. No matter how much we do in this life, it’s only because Allah swt has allowed us the opportunity and the intention should always be that you are doing it for his sake. If that project or business idea doesn’t begin in the name of Allah, then your depriving it of blessings.
  2. Time – In business they say time is money, that’s true for everything in life. Especially when it comes to social work, there are many people in the world that need your help! Your initiative can help solve real world problems and by carefully addressing them and presenting solutions you can drive change but remember time is money and change is good. Change = Money, get it hahah okay no.
  3. Passion – Ask yourself what you enjoy doing, we are all inclined towards different things in life when it comes to doing what we love. Just make sure you keep it halal bilal.
  4. Dedication – Besides your God given talents, it’s your work ethic that will help you achieve your goals in life. That is what sets the good apart from the great. People who are great at what they do don’t get their by accident. They optimize their time, stay dedicated and work on those strengths they have so they can excel even more. One word, consistency!
  5. Stay on alert – Listen to people who are wise and share ideas. Alot of people have ideas but they don’t want to implement them which is why they share them with those who potentially can. If your ready to step up to the plate and fill a void in society then make moves like the road runner. Meep meep. Just make sure those moves land you in Jannah! insh’Allah.

So next time you have that idea pop up in your head, don’t wait for someone else to implement, “just do it” like nike.

Well there you have it.  insh’Allah I’ll write again soon. Please keep me in your dua’s right now. May Allah swt reward all of you for your kind support and feedback. Appreciate it.

I’ll end with some lines from Surah Al-Asr

By Al-‘Asr (the time).

Verily! Man is in loss,

Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth.

Wa’salaam Yo.


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553 Responses to How to Make an idea Become Reality

  1. rina October 9, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    subhan'Allah.. another inspiring article from brother Saad 😀

    thank you very much!! i pray for brother to keep sharing ideas and Islamic knowledge 🙂

  2. muna November 27, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    To make an idea come to reality you need planning and proactivity from a micro onto a macro scale. Please see this video representing how the intifaadaat could be made a reality:

    • Jakayla December 2, 2017 at 7:55 pm #

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    • Crab Apples: for next year as they will have ‘gone over’ by now I expect. Best thing is to chop them up and strain them through a sieve then muslin/cheesecloth to make apple juice. Or boil up, strain and then add masses of sugar for crab apple jelly. Straining is obviously the answer when you have small, fiddly apples.

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      eeeu, quero ! Camila você sempre arrassa ! Qual o editor de fotos em que voc~e usa? []Camila Coelho Respondeu:January 4th, 2012 em 11:49 am, Obrigada amoree! Eu uso o PhotoScape e Picnik =) Bjinhoss[]

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      i hope denmark’s venstre party has had a nazi-background check – – submitted to and approved by charles – – before they go stomping off on some unilateral european agenda…

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      Riktig! Men alle tror Norge gjør det bra pga den såkalte nordiske modellen. Bare tull! Se på Danmark og Sverige hvordan de sliter. Velferdsstaten MÅ kollapse, og Venstre bør innse dette og bli et liberalt parti også når det gjelder økonomi.

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      I think Microsoft learned that the line between “partner” and “competitor” is razor thin. HP had every intention of replacing Office when they bought WebOS and Palm. And just look at the “partnership” between Apple and Samsung.I think Microsoft, with Surface, is doing what’s best for Microsoft and Windows 8, as they should be.

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      Cara Noemi, abbiamo saputo che sei stata dimessa dall’ospedale! Siamo molto contenti per la tua rapida guarizione. Speriamo di verderti presto, sorridente , nei pressi dell’ospedale di Subiaco come dottoressa, e non come paziente, mi raccomando. Forza che tutti ti aspettiamo anche sott’acqua.

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      Both of y’all are hilarious! Loved that spontaneity. In regards to the “spot”, I just know that a blade poked with an X on the top of that bad boy would have surprised us all…His skin was turning very yellow when the squeezing commenced.WTG HS. as usual…YOu are hilarious girly!!!

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      Thanks Mary. I am aware the jump lists work if I pin several programs to the ‘old’ taskbar but I was referring to program shortcuts in the old and now missing Start menu which doesn’t seem to have a replacement in the new Start (metro) tile system?

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      Hey FOD! Wow, so excited about Nandito Ako coming to America! I think I definitely would have been amongst the screamers with that face flashing up on the big screen! lol And that gif from Sam – haha! LOVE IT! i’ve had an extremely busy week, particularly the weekend and am ready to relax a little more this week! Had to come and refresh myself with a little david-fix.

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      This must be what I saw last night! I was driving NE on 395, just past Springfield, VA. Thought it was a plane at first, going east to west, then it went down with a burst of light, and disappeared.

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      Actually, I think Word would be correct about the fragment. Trying to struggle through my sore lack of English terminology: your core sentence is “My apologies”. “If we’ve missed anyone” is a qualifier – the technical term we use is bijzin, which roughly translates into “side sentence”. Basically, your main sentence offers apologies (and is a fragment, since there’s neither a verb nor a subject), and you’ve got a qualifier in there explaining in which case you’re offering them.I’m not sure whether that’s understandable in English at all.

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      Steve – some people in the book club printed out both books; perhaps you could borrow a hard copy from one of them (sorry, I don’t remember who it was, but maybe they will speak up here). I was able to convert the document to epub format (thanks, LInda!) and so read it on my e-reader.

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      You know I was not paying attention to the title and as I was going through the photos, thought to myself…this is just like Overboard…OMG! These pics are spectacular!!Been gone way too long, needed a glamour fix like only you can deliver!! Big Valentine Hugs, xOxO Nerina

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      oh, I'd love to get my hands on a pair of docs like this in black. when I was young I was wearing docs but I never liked them too much, because they're not comfy enough…

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      Hell no, not a midlife crisis. I’m hanging out for midlife because that’s when I might actually get some of my freedom back. Being a parent is worse than being a teenager in terms of being curtailed by family life.

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      Arceilts like this make life so much simpler.

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      I thought Sessions should have been the backup PG from the beginning. There was much debate of FB&G about this back then. Even though he would be coming off the bench, he would still get the lion’s share of PG minutes. This is not a knock on him. His skill set fits better with being a change of pace than it does with the starters. However, he was brought in to be the starting PG. He will remain a starter because to move him to the bench will be received as a demotion. The chance of Coach Brown moving him to the bench is near zero.

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      Niin kauan kuin ajatellaan, että täällä maan päällä ois joku erehtymätön ihmisten porukka, joka kokoontuu joskus jossain, ei ole mahdollista käsitellä ylilyöntejä ja mitä niitä synnille keksittyjä uuskäsitteitä taas olikaan."Mutta eihän me noin ajatella", joku heti vastaa.Miten sitten?

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      Hey — You're gently getting us "out of the box!" I didn't know there was a separate Chinese astrology system…or is that the one I see on paper placemats? What a warped view from the Mainland. The sun is out and I stared at my double daffodil with the tulips. Whew! It's Friday! Mahalo for the good vibes and photos. DrumMajor

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      My point stands. You're full of shit.However mistaken my view of israel is, it is't nearly as salient as you've puffed it up to be.Since all you ever do is come here to pick nits and defend israel when I'm not even attacking it, do us both a favor and bugger off already.

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      I know!! i have thought the same thing while watching him. Wether it’s live, or in a video. he sings with such emotion. And yes. You totally hit it dead on.

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      It was so kind and generous for Dominique to bring me the salt! I am very grateful.Your presentation of the cake looks wonderful. I do have a blogger didn't like the recipe at all though as she was expecting a nice fluffy chocolate cake. This recipe definitely not like that AT ALL! LOL

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      LOVE the pumpkin pictures!!! I'm mad I didn't get one big enough for Janey this year Maybe they still have one somewhere…Halloween is one of my favorites, I'm glad you had so much fun too

    • car insurance in Santee CA December 8, 2017 at 7:00 am #

      Thanks Isabel that is my precious baby girl. Thank you Jessica for taking such lovely photos. Stephan and I are so excited to share these photos with our family and print some to hang in our home (and you did make it very hard for us to pick just one image!).

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      Oh my gosh!!! I was there too! I live outside of St. George, UT but went up for the undierun and it was, needless to say, a blast! Wish I had known you were there too.

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      remark was meant as a silly aside, but on a serious note, the "Derek" I get comes straight from the WH version. I wouldn't play around with anything but what I knew was the real deal, especially on something this serious.The rest of what you are talking about is flying over my head like a jet fighter. 🙂

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      My system volume is 42% and Youtube volume around 60%. I can hear them perfectly clear. Get better audio card? Actually, on that note… I installed my audio card and the volume levels are at least 3x higher. And that’s without any kind of amp… On board audio is crap. People claim it’s no different than a standard audio card, but they are on crack.

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      Hey Renee! Thanks so much for including me in your mash-up! A total honour. Sorry, I didn’t get over here earlier, been dealing with a sick kid all weekend.Love the video of you dancing. You’ve got some moves, girlfriend!

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      November 9, 2012  9:17 pm by BTW Chris Prefabricated Non-Combustible is a Non-Standard Construction method. The prefabricated upper panels are prefabricated but overall a BISF House is not a prefab. It is a steel framed house of Non-Standard construction.:0)

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      Háát az se lehetett rossz! ;)@t3v, az okostojas: Jól néz ki és hideg, jaaaaj! :)) Szerintem nem sok a tészta, mivel vékony és a krém is elég sok rajta, igazából csak éppen megtartja ami benne van.

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      Hi, I have this template on my blog, I love it. How do put the ability for people to comment on the homepage, so they don’t have to go in to individual posts to comment? I’d like it to sit next to the labels. I’d also like to add a time/date of posting here as well.

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    • Nice to see you back Gasmonso. You can see our comments on previous thread to see how much we were missing you. Best of luck for a new start.

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      Sticking to what you believe when everyone else is deriding you for your beliefs is indeed impressive. I applaud both of them, and a happy birthday to both.Have a terrific day too.

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      Thank you Christine, glad you were able to get a little inspiration! We really like wall stenciling, it adds such a great touch. We will be sure to check out your blog. Thanks again for stopping by!

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      I totally agree that we should try to put distance between the SNP and the “Yes” campaign. I am a member of the SNP but have taken my SNP sticker in my car down and left only the “Yes” one. Too many people still think this is for Alex and the SNP – I wholeheartedly support the SNP and Alex but can see some counterproductive aspects for some people!

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      (……contd. from last comment)i forgot to mention in my last comment/post that correa's real position/viewpoint can be best gauged from his (WHO/ICTSD/UNCTAD sponsored) working paper, titled "Guidelines for the examination of pharmaceutical patents: developing a public health perspective".

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      I have to admit, I haven’t read that before — some of these links I just picked up from other sources without reading them.I don’t really like deleting things from blog posts, especially things I’ve been criticized for. But I’ve added this commentary to the listing:As Laura pointed out , the lower class privilege list is pretty damn asinine, as well as an example of . I’m leaving this in out of a sense of completeness, but I don’t endorse it. And if you click over, bring many grains of salt with you.I hope that helps. Thanks for pointing that out.

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      What a bunch of high minded crap from Alvin Finkel. But I do find this line interesting: "But it does not seem that [David Swann] actually runs his party in any meaningful sense." What makes you think that? Who does then? I find that detail very interesting, and am curious what all other readers think. Who's running the Alberta Liberals?

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      What a great idea! I will pray for little Raj. One of our Compassion children lives in India and he writes the most descriptive letters. Our Compassion children are such a joy and promoting Compassion has become my passion, as you can see on my blog. Thanks for spreading the word!

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      all due respect you don't know what we report and don't report. It's really none of your business."LOL! There ya' go, Moderator. That's tellin' 'em how the cow eats the cabbage. LOL!

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      I really like Suze, too. Although, people do usually love or hate her. We all know we need to save as insurance for our retirement and future but we are living now, right? We should enjoy some of life so I totally agree with you that you need to find balance. Being beholden to either extreme will only lead to unhappiness.

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      That surprises me, considering you’re an AGI researcher! So you don’t see qualia/consciousness as a requirement for general intelligence? Because I don’t see how you could hope to engineer something that could have subjective experience if you believe the dynamics of qualia are, in any way, independent from the substrate. I’m also struggling to imagine what ‘dynamics’ are if not embodied in the physical.

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      I don't understand how a number can define what you're allowed and not allowed to wear! I haven't come across this issue personally being 21 ha ha. But I'm sure I'll face adversity when I'm older. I'm starting to learn to wear what makes me happy and I think that's more important than what some boring person thinks. xx

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      Speaking of meds, maybe it's time you went back on yours. No meds are needed by me. I can see that the biggest thread to your individual liberty comes from your own government. Given that your government is dominated by the two main political parties it is clear that they are the problem. The fact that you can't see that suggests that it is you who is need of something.

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      these are some of my favourite photographs of yours to date. i dont know what it is about them, the energy, its lovely. the second one from last speaks volumes. Reply:September 26th, 2012 at 9:57 amwow, thank you so much Megan, that means a lot to me coming from you!

    • I think that UoM would probably fall into the Bloggernacle pretty solidly- but we’re one of the much smaller blogs.I think that we’re still in the process of figuring out how we’re doing links at UoM, but I’ll talk to Arwyn and see about having you added.I really like both John’s blog and his wifes blog.

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    • I agree that Britain needs to have a smaller but more advanced research policy and that will not happen if we cut the budget for buying the latest equipment.Concentrate on research that can bring goods to market and leave non-commercial research to those countries that can afford it.

    • cheapest car insurance in Merrillville IN December 8, 2017 at 2:09 pm #

      September 17, 2009Very, very true. That is what was on my heart last night falling asleep. My faith only gets stronger through this journey–I hope others will see that.Thank you so much. *Hugs*

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      Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Many thanks

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      Where in the world would you get a credit card with enoghu money on it to buy a home with…especially if you are on ssi and your husband has bad credit. And if your husband is working under the table that is illegal…its called fraud. My husband works and pays taxes and SOCIAL SECURITY… why doesnt your husband pay taxes and social security, you are both receiving it. People like you make me sick, I hope you get caught for fraudReferences : Was this answer helpful?

    • Wow that coat is AMAZING!!! I;ve never seen one in that colour before. It looks for blue than turquoise to me.. I used to get about in leather and suede coats all winter every winter.. but it must have been a phase coz I haven't worn one for about 10 years! I still have them stashed in a large case somewhere.. maybe I'll revive them next winter!!My english dad introduced us to chip butties when we were young – unfortunately!! x

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      Antonio / Una vez mas estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Y me pregunto ¿son tontos ellos, o nos toman por tontos a nosotros?. Quiero sacar algo positivo de toda esta situación que se vive en España. Y es que creo y posiblemente se consiga que el pueblo se de de una vez cuenta de la clase de Gobernantes que tenemos y hemos tenido. Toda esta situación puede desencadenar que nos demos cuenta de a quienes hemos estado votando.Esto hay que pararlo y eso solo lo podemos parar nosotros.

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      Stuart,I think the crucial question here is if the current yields/hectare are sustainable. If the soils are depleted, I do not think so, if the subsidy is fossil fuel, I do not think so…etc.cheers,Alex

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      Google “The Frankfurt School”That’s where this crap came from. The founders were German. When they left Germany before the war (WW II), the ones that didn’t get teaching jobs in academia went to Hollywood.

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      Pretty cool escrow…I pulled down the Seattle house tab and ran my own numbers if I were to buy a home in town with the amount of downpayment I have available… Assuming the 4.5% home appreciation rate and the rental increases of 4% a year… If I sold in 10 yrs, I’d be taking an investment hit of $1,110/month (ouch!). The 8% on investment is about what I’m getting now in my IRA, so I kept that steady, and I’m paying roughly 1K in rent/month.Additionally, this also assumes I have a limiteless pool of cash from which to play parallel universe. Coughing up $2880/month is unfeasible…Looks like I’m better off renting – Rate this comment: 0  0

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      to Igal: If I understand you correctly, you are comparing two two urls should produce 100% same content (across all pages if there is more than one page). You can configure "orderby" parameter to use only one value (e.g. popularity) and configure "ordering" parameter to "HighToLow".

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    • Knallfin lue selv om pus ikke sÃ¥ ut som han syns det. Datteren derimot ser flott ut i den. Katten min har det utrykket der av og til – jeg ler like mye her gang. Ha en herlig dag alle sammen.

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      >mitochondriaqueOn constate en effet qu’aujourd’hui toutes les sociétés humaines, qu’elles vivent en Afrique, en Europe, en Asie ou en Amérique présentent pratiquement le même patrimoine génétique alors qu’en l’espace de cent mille ans nous aurions dû obtenir une diversité génétique bien plus abondante du fait des combinaisons génétiques.

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      Although, why not include the “Bitesize Irish Gaelic” logo on the cover? (the one on this site) It’s a clever logo, and is a little more iconic and eye-catching, and then coupled with the more mature, second design would be really good.

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      Can you please make a way to turn off the annotations editor because EVERY time I watch my videos, it turns back on. It's so annoying and all this unnecessary things keep popping up in my video when I'm just trying to watch it. Youtube has gotten really complicated over the last few years. Just keep it simple. We already have the regular annotations editor and that's already enough. That's why it's called YOU-tube. It's supposed to be user-friendly.

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      Mandy, akkor hajrá!:) Bár, már régen nem volt, sÅ‘t, talán csak egyszer volt olyan, vagy rosszul emlékszem?Azt nyerte meg a Mc Nemeni Mark, vagy hogy hívják, azóta olyan "híres" ember…Csibe, akkor indulunk?Andi, nálunk is csak egyszer volt ilyen mozimaraton…

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      Yeah, unfortunately, this method bypasses the duplicate notification. I would move the original contacts to a new folder, run the script then move the old ones back – that should trigger the warning if any are duplicates.

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    • Hvis vi kan fÃ¥ flyttet AP’s politikk mer mot sentrum ved at de kutter ut SV, sÃ¥ tror jeg samarbeid med AP kan være veien Ã¥ gÃ¥. Det er spiselig…samarbeid med Frp er ikke spiselig!

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      OMG – that’s hilarious! BTW, the sale of my condo closed on Friday. We’ve completed inspection on the new condo. We have one lofty demand of the sellers before we’ll close. But, we’re steps closer to being your neighbor. And then we can all dress up in our finest and head over to Riverview or something of the sort. Ha!

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      DC that really matches some of the dis­cus­sion at the cof­fee shop this AM and that was from a cou­ple of our bet­ter con­nected Repub­li­cans. Some of the teaper types looked like they were suck­ing on lemons lis­ten­ing to it and they sure were work­ing on push­ing the every thing is beau­ti­ful line. Lots can hap­pen in the clos­ing days but the two lads doing the bulk of the talk­ing this AM were offer­ing up a pretty bleak view of Rom­ney chances espe­cially in the East where they really do know the system.

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      Vous defend ton point Greg mais c’est faux…on se souviendra de ta fidelite a cet marque du governement la et nous marquons les pas et les credits rouge…Juste pour note Roosevelt etait tres malade a Teheran, et encore plus a Yalta…et il faut tu lis Churchill…Je ferai un ‘focus’ sur la negotiation a Teheran toute a l’heure…Et tu propose que c’est les Soviets qui a porte le fardeau pour la creation de l’ONU aussi?

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      Excellent interview. Thank you so much for opening up this discussion. It’s FANTASTIC that there is a place in the blogosphere for us to talk about this issue in a civilized manner. I think I agree with Uncle Rick (above) about the submarine and military issue. Otherwise I think Jimmy is bringing up some fair issues. Well spoken, sirs.

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      Great concept and execution – very thoughtful, interesting and fun Q & A (was that a real friend or a mock friend when you conceived the idea?). We’re definitely considering living abroad so found it personally relevant. I’d love to hear more about re-entry in general, and tough time post South Africa.

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      The film industry didn't really get going until the 1910s and 1920s (i.e., silent pictures), but, according to , the technology was around in the late-1890s and 1900s.

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      I feel like you’re not reading what folks are saying. It’s not about that one game. It’s not about getting “accustomed” to it. It’s about the toll that alternating your body clock so many times takes on your body over the course of a season. That happens to Cubs players ONLY.

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      I think we have all done that at least one or two times in our lives, especially if there is a pretty girl involved boyfriend or no boyfriend. =DAs we get older and wiser we tend to start picking our friends better and become a much better judge of character. Its only through situations like what you described we learn a little more about the different facets of human nature and in doing so become wiser to the world we live in.

    • Daniel,I just posted a rather long comment and I forgot to preview it first. I've noticed that when I don't preview my comments you don't post them, so I'm wondering if it's because my comments are getting lost in cyberspace. This is a test to see if my theory is correct.Debra

    • Martin: Visstja, jag glömde säga nåt om kasebana. Jag kollade mycket riktigt på det också, och det är förstås den skånska termen. Den verkar dock inte sträcka sig utanför sagda landskap.JP: Tack, jag antecknar.

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