Imam Abu Hanifa vs Atheist

Salam, What’s Happening Brother’s and Sister’s…. so an Atheist is someone who dosen’t believe in God, they have already accepted the Shahadah half way….Get it! There is no God, now we have to guide them to finish it inshallah, There is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad is his last messenger. Back to the story.

The story below shows how weak an atheist feel’s after trying to battle Imam Abu Hanifa intellectually….

Imam Abu Hafina was asked by the khalifa to meet with them and an atheist so Imam Abu Hanifa could debate with him. They set a time for them to meet up. So the day and time came and left and they kept waiting for Imam Abu Hanifa until finally he came. Everyone questioned him about his being late and what happened. So he started explaining how there was river that he had to cross….and he was waiting for a boat to come and bring him on the other side of the river.

While he was waiting, the branches and leaves of the tree fell and slowly formed themselves into a boat. And he jumped in that boat crossed the river. Obviously ppl laughed at this story and the atheist asked him ‘Are you mad enough to believe that a boat was made all by itself?
Imam Abu Hanifa replied ‘Who is more mad? the one who believed that a boat was created by itself, or you who believes that the entire world is created by itself?’

Mashallah, What a great mind and hard punchline….Inshallah Allah give us all guidance, especially Atheist’s.

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  1. MR October 8, 2007 at 4:28 am #

    Word! I was at the event with you! Shaykh Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf? Right?

    • Robinson December 3, 2017 at 9:52 pm #

      Thanks for indrtoucing a little rationality into this debate.

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      Hugh, in society we musty have a amount of consideration and respect for others feelings and beliefs, if we offend inordinately we must also be prepared to defend by strength of arms our liberty against their perceived liberty to be free of your offence .This then enters into the realm of ideological aggression and it seems you have only considered physical.

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    • After reading nothing but a litany of pure vile hatred for this man, his party, and all his merry men…I honestly have to ask:Why isn’t he swinging from a lampost somewhere?I mean, I don’t think I read one person, not ONE who defended him, explained what he did or why he did it on positive terms. Though admittedly, I did stop after about the 100th iteration of pure bile spewed forth at the man.There is something very very VERY wrong here.

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  2. Saad October 8, 2007 at 9:19 am #

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  3. Fatima August 6, 2008 at 10:48 am #

    With due respect to Abu Hanifah, his argument is weak and relies heavily on a polemical tone rather than reasoned debate or logic. Atheists don't believe the world was 'created' by any Being, or even by itself. The study of the universe from a scientific perspective has brought forth much evidence that the universe came about through an evolving process, and that does not necessitate that God created it. To say that 'something can't come from nothing' is now an untrue statement, since a black hole can appear out of nothingness and at random with having no rhyme or reason to it. So, somethings do 'come from nothing'.

    I am not saying this to disprove the existence of God, but I think people need to up their arguments about why God exists instead of using ancient arguments that don't fit anymore.

    • Muhammad March 5, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

      we don't need to argue about the existence of God neither the oneness of God, not even what we should call God(Allah). Its simply a belief either u do or u dont, i have many atheist friends and the more religous examples u use the more deterred they become of religion. but then again Islam isnt a religion isnt it?

      • Unknown July 26, 2010 at 10:47 pm #

        Hi God exists. Think that man denays only that thing which exixts. the thing which exixt u can only deny that. which doesnt exixt u can not deny that because u dont know its name. Jo chez hoti ha inkar sui ka hota ha. Jo ha hi nahi mtlb ap usko janty nahi jb apky mind main kisi chez ka koi concept nahi to ap inkar kaisay kar saktay ho.

        • Jolyn December 3, 2017 at 9:48 pm #

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          Well, Ron, obviously you don’t live here. Private schools get a lot of tax dollars in my state; I assume that private schools get some tax dollars in the rest of the nation. In my grade school, a long, long time ago, the public school system had to provide us with buses. What’s wrong with a philosophy/ethics class?

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          everyone's entitled to their own opinion i disagree with this sentiment, I think that this is one of those years where trout had the "best" season but Cabrera had the "most valuable" season Most years, yes, the best players IS the most valuable player… i don't believe this is one of those years, and apparently, so do a lot of other smart people

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        • 1) It is the 21 Dec all day. Let's wait until midnight.2) The "strange metal" is it plasma like ? Sachdev's article is awesome. He's able to draw a simple picture of ST at large. I'm now going to read The Illusion of Gravity. I like gravity. It makes me feel down to Earth 😉

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          Praise the Lord forevermore!!! Thank you Billy for the wonderful report…..I'm rejoicing with you and Elaine!!! Continuing to lift Elaine and your family before the Throne of Grace and trusting Him for a speedy and complete recovery!HE IS FAITHFUL!!Love and Big Hugs!! )Jackie

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        Happy anniversary!!!! My hubby and I are at about…8 years being together and we were forever being told that the early giddiness will wear off after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years… They stopped saying things after 3 years so you’ve hit that mark. Congrats!

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        Hi Veronika – I know you are busy so if you don't have a change to reply, I understand! I just wanted to comment that I love the boots in your photo. Do you have a link to them (either from a past post where you linked them, or where they are from)? I would love to see more of them. I'm looking for similar ones.Thank you!

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        as my experience with chinese buses is zero, i’ll have to comment on my bus experiences here in america:in texas – almost nonexistent. everyone drives (and not just trucks!) if you can’t afford a car, then you’re “low” income and riding the bus is not that great. =(in DC – fantastic! the drivers are affable enough, everyone rides from low income to high, and during rush hours there are plenty of buses and metro/subway trains. so if you miss one, no big deal – just wait a few minutes and another one will be by . . . =)

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        So lovely and cheerful but not sticky sweet–what a great color combo! That couch is fab. I love the tufting and bench seat, and of course the hue is perfection!

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        Synes det kunne være fedt med billeder fra dit personlige liv og ellers noget om skønhed og sundhed, da du virkelig lader til at have noget at byde pÃ¥ pÃ¥ det punkt. Men ellers synes jeg at du gør det godt 🙂

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      • Roughly in order of price/pleasure:Bramboracka at U Vorare. 20KcHoegaarden at U Suche Dasne. 34KcPomelo salad at the Noodle bar. 165KcTiger prawns in citrus creamy sauce with ginger at Oliva. 190KcRibs at Frsco Vento: 210KcBeefsteak at U Dobre Myslenky. 275KcTandoori prawns at Masala. 300KcThe all you can eat lunch menu at Ambiente Brasileiro: 495KcThat’ll do me :)Cheers, Will

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        Dis moi, Minou, où t’as vu que Bougboug ou moi nous soyons venimeux avec les soeurettes ? Tu fantasmes, hein ? Tu sais bien que nous sommes des gentlemen irréprochables… C’est connu, ça ! je dirais même que c’est un acquis.

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        A fashion line for 50+ women is a fabulous idea but the problem is, Fanny Karst’s designs aren’t exactly pretty. Most of her dresses look like hospital gowns, the colours are drab and the fit is absolutely awful. My mum (67) didn’t find one item there she would want to wear.

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        PDB,I’m crossing my fingers. A stroll through the site meter here on a given day is full of .mil and .gov hits from all manner of sunny and sandy locations; hopefully someone will know someone who can provide an answer.Everybody I know stateside who has a NOD setup on their carbine is running it behind a zero-magnification parallax-free optic. My NVG’s are crappy 1st-gen Russkie goggles, so I’m no help.

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        meh.”Tuesday night, re-live the mediocrity of the 1990s and rock out at Hallendale’s Treehouse Lounge with nickel domestic beers, two for one house drink specials, a hot legs contest, and bang yer head to scorching live sets by South Florida’s premiere metal cover band, Argus, with special guest opening act, Axl Rose of Guns n Roses.Eight dollars at the door.”

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        Good idea. I’ve been meaning to add a podcast section on the left. I should also include links in the actual posts, I usually don’t bother because I’ve been in such a hurry when I blog lately.

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        Sahara advancing due to sheep and goats? Interesting :DOne thing you are right on – it is LABOR that turns desert into fertile land.Most will agree, it is easier to blame Jews, martians or capitalists, or to torch buildings like “greens” in USA.

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        I used the fourth code of “Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – Home”. The first three codes had already been used. Once again, thanks for posting every week.

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        Alright Bella! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I think this may be, hands down, my favorite outfit of yours….it's just gorgeous! I'd wear it in a heartbeat but I don't think I'd look half as good as you do! And the best accessory? Your fierce Bad "A" look on your face! I LOVE it! Hugs! ~Serene

      • Dear Joanie & Jim,There are no words to express how sorry we are for the loss of your daughter, Beth. We will always remember her as the quiet, bright, sweet young woman she’s always been. Our hearts are with you and you and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.Jo-Ellen, Pete, Jessie & Gina

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        & Maria: Die Namen der 52 DJs, deren Listen für die Charts ausgewertet wurden, stehen am unteren Ende des Beitrags. Weniger als die Hälfte davon kommt aus Berlin (21), die Mehrheit wohnt in anderen Städten (London (8), Hamburg (5), Köln (4), Leipzig (3), Frankfurt (2), Barcelona (2), Paris, Detroit, Jena, Lorsch, Moskau, Oslo, Essen u.a.). Soviel zum Thema “Berliner Tellerrand”.

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      • « Populisme », « chassés », « milices », « patrouilles » : que de vilains mots dans votre question.

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        If the British police were as intent on chasing Muslim terrorists and their supporters as they are EDL members, Britain would be a safer place. Britain's leftist cancer must be near terminal now that it riddles the police force, usually a last bastion of conservatism and patriotism.

    • Rasool March 26, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

      Little knowledge is dangerous

      Sister you have to study more about the evolution and even more about Abu Hanifa

      How can you say Imam Abu Hanifa's argument is week

      He is arguing according to the person he is speaking to

      If you have some knowlwdge reg Imam Abu Hanifa you wouldnt have said his argument is week

      • Nelson October 4, 2012 at 5:50 pm #


        Fatima is correct and I doubt the validity of this story. Imams punchline was weak. It was intellectually dishonest at best and blatant word trickery at worst. Here is why.

        The only thing that makes an atheist is a lack of belief in a diety. Not every atheist subscribes to TET ( the evolutionary theory). Those that do would not say, “the world created itself”. The fact that your Imam even used such a simplistic view of cosmology, evolution, geology, astronomy, quantum physics, physics, etc., shows a gross misunderstanding of the theories as they are presented. The simple fact that you can even defend it shows how intellectually stunted and perhaps dishonest you are. I would never defend an illogical argument.

        • Marge December 3, 2017 at 10:27 pm #

          Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW

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          Lautaro, c’est votre choix de ne pas avoir la télé. Si vous l’aviez avec une parabole de préférence, vous pourriez regarder TV5, qui reprend les émissions du service public français plus des émissions canadiennes, belges et suisses à destination des francophones tout autour de la planète et des hémisphères. Pour les longues soirées d’hiver et pour cultiver son français, ce n’est pas mal.

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          …the State Department is going to great lengths to make it clear that the eventual policy of the United States government is to surrender to AQ or the Taliban …I hope you realize that this is completely fucking insane. I really wonder how it is that someone comes to believe something this stupid.

        • cheap car insurance Powder Springs GA December 6, 2017 at 8:23 am #

          This situation is magnificent! The greed of the studios is finally choking the industry. I stopped buying music when they killed the original Napster, and never regretted it. Too bad the entertainment industry never realized it exists to serve the customer. If bands and labels are so concerned about rights, they can buy their music from each other and use their extra CDs and DVDs as frizbees, bookmarks or wall decorations. I have better things to do with my money!

        • list of auto insurances in Hawthorne CA December 6, 2017 at 12:45 pm #

          Thanks Katy. that song ref. I was going to make it a TiTWeSo, but I think folks’ll’ve grown tired of country songs with references to boats and travel. It’s a great song though. Nice key change into the chorus.Corsairs – Just reminded me of pelicans. Stumpy and close formation, ?ÂÂ

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          It was nice to read and listen to Malcolm X. He was spot on then and nothing has really changed either! Is Obama a House or Field Negro? What you think?

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          Went for the super deluxe package. Pretty stoked about it. A little disappointed there’s no vinyl. But I can live with it. Also wondering about this ‘bonus track’ that only seems to be listed with the ‘Deluxe Digital’ option? I hope that’s not the only way to get it…

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          Hola Carlos, Ya yo he pasado de los dos años y áun caigo frecuentemente en la distracción que evita el enfoque y la consistencia y me parece muy interesante la idea del uso de filtros para evitarlo. En muchas ocasiones la distracción es provocada por lo que se podría llamar algún nuevo objeto brillante que se pueda promocionar, ¿Cómo evitas eso? A partir de hoy comenzaré a poner filtros en práctica. Como siempre muchas gracias por tu valiosa contribución.

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        • Yeah, i can see the pin now, thank you… My next mission is to try and figure out how to add the camera and voice parts. I had a look at your YouTube video but you didn’t scroll down to the bottom in Tasker, so i couldn’t really see what was going on after the IF statement in the picture add part.I’m sat here thinking about how to make this work on the multi list. I’m not sure how to make that work at the moment, i can kinda see how i should start, but i’m not 100% sure.

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        • I used to live near a gourmet ice cream shop that sold beautiful bombes. Moving to the area, that was the first time I’d ever seen one, and I always marveled at how they were constructed. I feel pretty clever now that you’ve shown us (although you do make it look so easy)!

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          How could Zdeno not win the Norris Trophy tonight. He was by far the best D-man in the NHL. Nonsense. I wonder if him and Max Pacioretty crossed paths at all at the awards.

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          "Oh, how that warmed the cockles o' me heart! To hear a citizen confront the lies of another citizen, boldly, and without regard.." I agree, watching Obama confront the wingnuts and radio Rwanda (AKA FOX NEWS) was great.

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        • Good grief, read the Jack Trudeaus wikipedia entry. It’s shocking, actually.Highlights:His 7 year old son tested above the legal limit for alcohol?!?!?Career Achievements and awards: “N/A”…

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        The best part of the whole night was when McCain derisively referred to Senator Obama as “that one”.I think he came dangerously close to saying something racist and in throwing the whole contest by having a Greg Stillson “Dead Zone” moment and showing everyone who he really is, thereby finishing himself off for good in the process.I guess I’ll just have to hope for the moment to arrive in the final “debate”.

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        I’ve got an Evo and a Pre classic and while the hardware is pretty dated on the Pre, it’s amazing how many years ahead the original WebOS is than iOS4 or Android 2.2. I’m thinking it’ll be several years before the big name competitors get as good as the original WebOS release from a couple years back.

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        I belive Gavin was signed to play 007 before Connery returned for Diamonds are Forever. In face the producers had to pay him off because he had already been signed.

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      • I was initially curious but the more i hear and read about it, the more it seems like a career move by Gibson to ride out his troubles, parodying his real life with a kooky role to charm his way back to popularity.

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      • I always enjoy seeing our Home Boy perform, i knew he would be a great success the very first time I saw him perform at Hotel Dakota, Babalu’s aka Comfort Inn, years ago, Had the privieldge of seeing him perform in Vancouver as my Birthday gift from family.. Saw his Christmas Performance last night , as always what a great way to bring in Christmas,,

      • Just remember, Ian, all people aren’t going to be nice to you all the time – too bad, but they just aren’t. Try to forgive and forget.

      • car insurance rates Paris TN December 9, 2017 at 5:24 am #

        Poor Obots. Perhaps a quote will give them some hope of overcoming their disorder: "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Eccl. 10:2

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        Nah. You are talking sh!t here not me.Your cup is too full of it! empty it first then you can learn new things and move forward. Why cover your eyes with the delusion of a viet grandeur?People like you and Jung Kim just go to town with all kinda dirty language to intimidate whoever come off with a speck of doubts to van tran.

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        Unfortunately if this women sues a lawyer will tell her to settle and NOTHING will change. No one will be held responsible, Well of course the taxpayers would be. They will just do it again and again. I am not a lawyer would a lawyer please tell me why I am wrong about that. Pro Bono of course. Did Sonny Bono do allot of free lawyer work or something?

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        Full disclosure: BBQ pizza was the best thing that ever happened to my roommates and I (and our hangovers) in college. I’ve gone into detox mode since graduation, but this version looks too good to pass up. Thanks for the recipe! xo,Alyssa

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    • Anonymous May 1, 2010 at 6:23 am #

      You are a mad person and believe in the theory of Darwin,which ha not yet been proved and has its own flaws.You have no knowledge of science and so no right to milead people.

      • Nelson October 4, 2012 at 5:51 pm #


        Lol. This is why people don’t respect theist. First of all it’s the Theory of Evolution, not Darwinism. This is something that theist have come up with. Also TOE is proven sir, beyond a doubt by those who study and understand the field. Just because you cannot understand it does not make it non existent.

        • Retta December 4, 2017 at 12:04 am #

          Holy concsie data batman. Lol!

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          i’ve been trying to avoid Amazon and you’re taking me back to it. i’ll keep the autographed copy in a safe or something, i’ve been feeling like i need one for my important fandom stuff in case of natural disasters XDbut thanks again, Kamichan! i always knew 5 is my lucky number! :DThey will say (and this is my favourite) I’m brainwashing innocent little fangirls.well i’ve never been brainwashed before so it’ll be an interesting experience :Pbut i don’t think it’s possible for me to be brainwashed at any age because i’m too stubborn XDand lastly, *hugs* good to have you back bro!

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        • low income car insurance dmv Lititz PA December 6, 2017 at 2:42 pm #

          Field, I feel the exact same way as you. Although I’m tempted to leave the Democratic party and become an Independent, I got Obama’s back too. It’s really more because I’ve met Rev. Wright before and people got it all twisted. Wright is a good dude and his words were taken out of context. But Rev had no business confusing the pulpit for a remote site of Operation PUSH. He should’ve preached the word at all times. Then people wouldn’t have a grounds for the recent backlash concerning the way that he’s always preached in the first place.

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        • btul..siapa kite nak judge ciptaan Tuhan.. agpun aku tgok sweet je wife dy….dorang nampak sepadai la…aish..susah btul ek nak puaskan ati semua pihak….huhu

        • full coverage auto insurance Waxhaw NC December 6, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

          she disappearedWow! I read his post from that link! What a total difference! I actually liked that guy, even in the pic, he seems happy and decently dressed. His post seems normal and actually humble….even showed some intelligence. (doesn’t have the poor grammar like he does now) It seemed he was being genuinely honest.Now, it just sux with it’s repetitiveness and narcissm. I would like to see the “old Arthur” rather than this creation. And, it mentions this is a 3 year thing. Interesting……

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        • Mr Dewani is doing everything possible to avoid due legal process. If he is innocent then he has nothing to fear and should welcome the opportunity to go to South Africa and assist the police in the prosecution and conviction of the people who have been arrested, at the very least. Unfortunately it appears that he really couldn't care less about whether the actual perpetrators have been arrested. What sort of grieving husband doesn't even attend the initial identity parade? What sort of grieving husband hires a PR long before he was named as a suspect?

        • low income car insurance dmv Blacksburg VA December 7, 2017 at 6:56 am #

          Moi, par contre, j’étais déjà passé par vos pages ; mais : merci d’être venu laisser une copie de ce billet chez moi ;)Je regarde votre à-propos, Eva, et il conforte un peu la réponse que je suis tenté de vous faire ; mais, chez moi …

        • Das fand ich super und es schreit nach Wiederholung! Hat mir ehrlich sehr viel Freude bereitet und mich Nerven gekostet. Es ist der richtige Weg für diesen Blog! #closer

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          W latach pięćdziesiÄ…tych “uwspółczeÅ›niono” go graficznie. PowinieneÅ› o tym wiedzieć. Jak zapewne wiesz o zmianach w nastÄ™pnych latach. Czy ty do diabÅ‚a myÅ›lisz, że wyÅ‚Ä…cznie sam potrafisz korzystać jeÅ›li nie z wÅ‚asnej pamiÄ™ci, to z sieci? Zatem rozumiem, że chciaÅ‚eÅ› siÄ™ do czegoÅ› przyczepić, prawda? Dobra rada: odpimpol siÄ™ ode mnie.

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          Ich weiß partout nicht, warum ich nicht in einem Lachanfall eines Berserkers bin, würde eigentlich zu meiner Natur passen. Ich finde die Geschichte nicht lustig, leider…Ich bin froh das keiner von euch schwimmen gegangen ist und ich hoffe ihr habt draus gelernt, schade um das Geld aber Geld ist nun mal nicht alles, da sind eure beiden Zeitweise Hohlen Häupter doch noch mehr Wert als der Untergang der Long Boards.Gruß Steph

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          Het lijkt me ontzettend leuk om mee te doen. Ik ben een fan van Linda, dus lijkt me het leuk als we elkaar kunnen stimuleren om door te zetten en leuke recepten uit te wisselen

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          Feliz entrada de año!!! espero que se cumplan nuestros sueños, en un año que se prevee difícil hay que mostrar nuestra mayor ilusión y optimismo.Un beso enorme.

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          1bbHola Dan, si tienes la actualizacion silenciosa, lo unico que puedes hacer es flashear a LT+ 3.0 y jugar los ISOS pero sin parchearlos, el error fue que te marcaron la consola como inhabilitada para cargar XGD3 osea que tienes la actualizacion silenciosa el firmware LT+ 3.0 es para corregir la carga de esos juegos nuevos en unidades marcadas como inhabilitadas por microsoft, saludos!!!

        • no down payment car insurance in Midland MI December 8, 2017 at 2:21 pm #

          Gloria Allred? Seriously?? Damn, that would be perfect, Candy Crowley and Allred could team up and … of damn, never mind, that thought was just too damned sick, even for me… LMAO

        • best car insurance in Colton CA December 8, 2017 at 2:59 pm #

          Sorry the "way to accepting of the obese" line was a comment from one of the anonymous posters.I don't think there is "a" solution. Obesity/anorexia are tricky conditions and relate to upbringing, education, community planning, marketing…there are many unrelated pieces to a person's size. Medical personnel need to be respectful (and generally are), but need to have good information about nutrition available. And I understand nutrition isn't generally taught in med school.

        • affordable auto insurance Ocean Springs MS December 8, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

          Never heard of Lily Pulitzer, but I think Amy Butler is a genius! Her house is amazing too – I stalk her website quite a lot for ideas. Sweet dress in a lovely print. I am sitting on a big UFO of a quilt and have chosen exactly the same print as you have used, plus other Midwest Modern prints to make it in. Way to save money 🙂

        • low income auto insurance dmv Broomfield CO December 8, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

          With QE3, pushing the fiscal cliff to next year and getting $150 million more donations than Romney, Obama has more corruption on his side so I don’t think Democrats have anything to worry about.

        • affordable car insurance Edmonds WA December 8, 2017 at 6:20 pm #

          Merci pour votre commentaire. Nous regardons souvent le monde à travers nos propres interprétations et préjugés. Cela nous amène à la conclusion avant même de savoir de quoi il s’agit. Pour peu que l’interprétation soit négative ou défaitiste ; le discours a beau être brillant ; nous n’avons rien entendu. Nos interprétations sonnent si fort en nous que nous devenons sourds.Pierre Achard

        • list of car insurances in Rowlett TX December 8, 2017 at 9:22 pm #

          I have two sons and would love to win a book like this! I had one as a kid and actually still have it, I just change my name to theirs when reading the story, lol

        • car insurance quotes Lake Orion MI December 8, 2017 at 11:10 pm #

          Field,Huckabee is trying to go for the voters on the right who are nuts. He's a moderate and he's looking to capture the Palin crowd. In the long run though he screwed himself, because he'll lose the Independent vote.

        • car insurance quotes Collierville TN December 9, 2017 at 12:33 am #

          what a beautiful celebration and an incredible feast…i too would have trouble staying in my dosha and would be sampling everything! thanks for your inspiring creativity and for sharing!

        • cheap auto insurance South Gate CA December 9, 2017 at 2:29 am #

          should abs be kept contracted during a standing curl exercise?or any standing exercise for that matter? im guessing if u do, its to keep weight balanced and not entirely on lower back?ur abs kinda flex when going up in motion (such as from standing curl, standing lateral raise with dumbells), is that enough of ab flexion to keep lower back from getting injured, or back to my question should u keep abs contracted the whole time??thanks guys

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          Robin, It’s more likely that the Muslims will claim that Churchill and DeGaulle were “secret” Muslims, like they claim Goethe, Napoleon and King Offa were. Haven’t you heard the latest? William of Orange is a “secret” Muslim now. Shakespeare, Wellington, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Leonardo DaVinci — hey, they are all gonna turn up as “secret” Muslims sooner or later.

        • car insurance in Elyria OH December 9, 2017 at 10:23 am #

          I have been really busy, I am an officer in three organizations, plus work, and I am just waiting for some of my time to free up so I can begin blogging again. Better Busy than bored.I for one am on the Obama bandwagon. I think that he is a good candidate with good ideas. I also see your point I have mixed views. I want him to win, but I don’t know if he can

        • direct auto insurance Franklin Park IL December 9, 2017 at 10:59 am #

          Hi there Precious, we are so glad to see you. That rainbow looks like such a fun toy. And we are thrilled to hear that you are getting used to being around the other cats a little bit. Hope you all are staying nice and warm. Take care.

        • cheap car insurance Mashpee MA December 9, 2017 at 12:51 pm #

          I’m excited to see that this exhibition got some attention! Too often, the press surrounding arts that focus on themes of sex and sexual exploration are astoundingly negative (or nonexistent). Thank you!

        • cheap auto insurance quotes Lindenhurst NY December 9, 2017 at 2:10 pm #

          I'm a long-time lurker, so I'm a total stranger, but just wanted to say congratulations!! I coo over baby girl clothes in shops, so these are absolutely darling! I wish you much happiness with your baby! A friend had a baby a while ago and I went to visit, and their relationship was so beautiful to see – the parents and their baby all obviously completely in love with each other. You will have a very exciting time ahead of you, not that you needed me to tell you that!

        • low income car insurance dmv Holyoke MA December 9, 2017 at 3:12 pm #

          Pink wine for me tonight 😉 that nightie is gorgeous as a day dress and far too pretty to be hidden under a pile of blankets (however gorgeous and vintage they may be!) x

        • auto insurance rates Lawndale CA December 10, 2017 at 12:13 am #

          Love the Native Jefferson picnic green with the Baker short. For extra value I would grab the Tuff and the Moss moss t-shirts – both on sale so double the value and to have a change of clothes my one year old needs but still look stylish.

        • car insurance Longview WA December 10, 2017 at 12:24 am #

          The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as significantly as this one. I mean, I know it was my selection to read, but I truly thought youd have some thing intriguing to say. All I hear can be a bunch of whining about something that you simply could fix in the event you werent too busy seeking for attention.

        • LuchaChrisOvercompensationThe AmishLance Armstrong’s Missing TesticleChildren on LeashesA Monkey Smoking a CigarA Mopey Zoo LionA Mating DisplayPuppies!CentaursPassive-aggressive Post-it NotesHer Majesty, Queen Elizabeth IIFreddy Mercury Bringing on the Girls

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          Shelli, thank you for sharing this. I hover on the edge of the indie world afraid to take the risk (mostly because I know my weaknesses are in some key areas) and seeing such detailed info really helps!I wish you continued success.

    • Amina October 24, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

      mashallah his words were chosen percisesly and may allah be pleased with him whereeber he goes.

      • Kaeden December 3, 2017 at 7:34 pm #

        There are no words to describe how booadicus this is.

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      • auto insurance Nashville TN December 6, 2017 at 8:25 am #

        Hey Airheaddine.Go back and look at the comments over the past two weeks and observe which commenters occasionally write "don't" and "isn't" as "don;t" and "isn;t".There are two: you and "Edna".Coincidence?If I WERE king, I would filter your ass until your were just purée!vw: dicis

      • direct auto insurance Hurst TX December 6, 2017 at 8:32 am #

        I will immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me realize so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

      • cheap car insurance Magnolia TX December 6, 2017 at 12:29 pm #

        The people of NJ are tired. We are tired of being overtaxed and overburdened with corruption and out of control State spending. We will be moving out of this state in droves if the democrats retain power and the only thing they will be in charge of is a dying State

      • cheap auto insurance Ruskin FL December 6, 2017 at 1:38 pm #

        48 Not with you there, he made the best posible call considering the defender did a great job deniying him the path to the rim, if you’re at the wing and you get the path blocked the smart thing to do is give it back to the middle again, it’s not his fault if Fish wasn.t able to score an easy lefty lay up…By the way Pau is 0 asst, where he should have at least four if Fish or Bynum should have done their job…

      • auto insurance quotes Topeka KS December 6, 2017 at 5:16 pm #

        Hello, I’m an original backer ( back up on kickstarter ) how do I get the 100 dollar price ? I don’t see any option nor have I received any mail. Only the mail with the 50% discount.

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        I have realized that too, that there is such extensive and fluid conversation here in this odd world – about real things, hard things – and that this conversation often doesn’t take place in the physical world. It’s interesting and another reason why blogging means a lot to me. I do not think I would be as happy, as satisfied, as curious, without these conversations.

      • cheap car insurance Howell MI December 7, 2017 at 4:57 pm #

        Debbie – Karen love the pictures of your family! What a great idea to get everyone together like you did! These will be cherished for sure!!!Jen great shots and love the ones with the dogs!

      • affordable auto insurance La Verne CA December 7, 2017 at 6:18 pm #

        I’ve been so tempted to buy this every time I go into Sephora… I tried some, and it really seems to work well (and it actually matches my skintone, woot!). But I’ve decided, in an effort to save money, that I have to go through my current tube first. It’s reeeaaallly tempting though…. cuter packaging would probably be enough to push me over the edge!.-= Rebecca’s last blog post… =-.

      • Well do you care what anybody else thinks, if not go ahead and tell the world, by the way you make it sound you seem pretty, if guys are always hitting on you.. Im sure a girl will find you soon enough.Your doctor was probley a homophobe, or a christian (like hardcore) and didnt want you experimenting.. I say Go for It!!email me if you would like at

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        Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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        Hei!Det tar sÃ¥ ekstremt lang tid før bildene lastes nÃ¥r jeg er inne pÃ¥ siden din. Er det flere som har det slik? Er det noe som kan gjøres med det? FÃ¥r tÃ¥lmodigheten satt pÃ¥ prøve kan man si nÃ¥r man blar nedover men bildene vises bare toppen av 🙂

      • average car insurance rates in Perry GA December 8, 2017 at 4:06 pm #

        Jølle er en herlig venn som minner meg om hund min far hadde for mange år siden. Elmer fikk han som navn:-)PS. Takk for at du har tatt deg tid til å se på noen av mine FB bilder. Da har du også observert at jeg har hatt det travelt i de siste måneder.

      • Ok, I just want to say – this was my whole point. I would never judge someone about their decision to stay home or not, you simply don’t know how and why they decided to do this. It’s a HUGE decision. What’s right for me, isn’t necessarily right for someone else. Sorry to get all.. whatever, i can’t think of the word.. but it’s completely ridiculous to assume that the decision one family makes is the right decision for EVERY family on the planet. It’s simply not the case.

      • low income car insurance dmv Texas City TX December 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm #

        No, vacations were NOT the primary concern. But still, when the gov and the lt,. gov. take them together, it defeats the purpose of having a Lt, Gov,The Senate President should NO longer be Acting Governor,

      • cheap car insurance quotes Sanford NC December 8, 2017 at 8:06 pm #

        My little boy turns 4 next month. I don’t know if these specific folks are teachers, but they very well could be. Let’s just say that between my first-hand observations in columbus, as well as footage like this (some of which clearly shows obnoxious behavior by educators), I am having a hard time letting these people educate my child. Home school is looking like a necessity, or perhaps private school.

      • cheap car insurance quotes Detroit MI December 8, 2017 at 8:39 pm #

        I tried really hard to understand where they were coming from with this gesture, thinking maybe there is some weired joke that I don’t know about. With all the responses I have heard thus far, it still makes no sense. Therefore, this advertisement remains completely inappropriate and cannot be interpreted as a “good gesture” of any sorts.

      • coloringlife2009 – I have so much to catch up on, here on your blog! You won’t find my usual comments under each post. But I did want to start my adventure by commenting on this one.Since I had the privilege of being in Cambodia with them too, I laughed at all your insights. And especially thought it was beautiful to hear your story of getting more of God’s heart!!We should do lunch or coffee/tea someday.

      • Amazing! I think it’s really neat that the flowers also sort of become stars in the process of connecting them. Also I now want to go take pictures of knitting projects at your park, because that rustic wooden thingie is pretty cool.Allison recently posted..

      • இசுலாமும் ஆணாதிக்கமும் ஒரு நாணயத்தின் இருபக்கம்தானே — இந்த எழவு இஸ்லாம், கிறுத்துவம், பார்ப்பனிய இந்துமதம் எல்லாத்துக்கும்தான் பொருந்தும்குறைந்தபட்சம் வினவு பதிவுகளின் தலைப்பை வாசித்தால் கூட இது புரியும், இதே பதிவுக்கு கீழே இருக்குற தொடர்புடைய பதிவுகளின் தலைப்பையாவது படிச்சு பாருங்க.

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        Ausserdem: Man muss im vorletzten Schritt angeben, ob man den PC privat oder geschäftlich oder wie auch immer nutzen wird. Wenn man “privat” eingibt, ändert sich der Preis nicht.Verstehe daher nicht, warum man kein Rückgaberecht haben sollte…

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        Wow, Greg. That is shocking information! Lead in my beloved chocolate? Seriously that is scary information. I am taking it seriously and may need to search for a brand that is known to be lead free. Is there one?

      • auto acceptance insurance Whittier CA December 9, 2017 at 5:30 pm #

        I believe that Ted has finally lost his mind. What any of the above has to do with the original post is beyond me, and to post it against every blog available is a sure sign that someone has either had too much caffeine, needs a nap, or is living out where the buses don’t run.I especially love the final rant – Conspiracy Theories, Visions of Grandeur, . . . WOW!At least he didn’t ask, for the 23rd time, why Christie wants to debate Corzine.

      • auto insurance quotes MI December 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm #

        sera mesmo?sei la, bastou a búlgara aparecer dentro de uma igreja, fazer o sinal da cruz errado e não saber o nome da santa a qual era devota que os cristãos rapidamente foram convencidos de que ela era agora um deles…façam-me o favor…so sendo muito tapado pra cair nessa, de novo!

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        I’ve never tried using bead reamers with polymer clay, I went straight to drill bits. Lucky I did, because it looks like they are really problematic. (Note: Carolyn’s comment above, and today’s post, ““.)Be sure to follow the directions, and start with a small drill bit. Then gradually increase the size until your bead hole is as big as you need. Have fun!

      • cheap car insurance Slidell LA December 10, 2017 at 4:51 am #

        simon lugna dig för fan. Du verkar vara den som har tagit absolut mest illa upp. Så se så iväg med dig nu till mmanytt då. Om allt ditt förtroende är borta så förstår jag verkligen inte vad du gör kvar här inne. Kärring

  4. ashraf December 27, 2008 at 3:55 am #

    well, i think Fatima didn't get it

    i think it was a very good argument and i would like to disagree with fatima as when imam abu hanifa said the boat was created by itself same as when you say it is a none sense to have the whole universe created or made by itself or by chance it is exactly the same even according to probability it is even much more harder or impossible to have the creation process of the universe happens without the control of the creator .

    the big bang is a scientifically proven fact after which the universe started to form itself under the control of Allah and it is still expanding as God said in the Quran.but evolution is still a non proven hypothesis in the creation of living organisms on the earth millions of years till the Homo sabins "human " had been on earth 200 thousands years ago .

    i also disagree with her and i want her or any body else to correct me if i am wrong,something can not come out of nothing,the black hole came out of a dead star. HE IS THE FIRST AND THE LAST.

    "The study of the universe from a scientific perspective has brought forth much evidence that the universe came about through an evolving process"where did you get these words from?, evolved from what? you have a big problem in misunderstanding how the world has started.Read about the big bang,please fatima

    so i think this argument fits very well nowadays when arguing with an atheist. and we should know how to apply it by understanding the differences in the creation of the universe followed by the creation of the earth and all non living things in the universe followed by creation of all the living organisms evolved under God's control " created " to live on it.

    • Nelson October 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm #


      I may be four years late, but I would love to show you your ignorance on TOE, the big bang and cosmology. I would even challenge you to a formal debate with moderator online. You can choose. Imams example was childish and logically immature. But let me ask you this. You state that how can the universe come from nothing. Let’s start there.

      1. Define nothing
      2. Show me nothing
      3. Prove to me that it’s nothing.

      As you are asserting that your god is a intervinist, show me your data that proves anything the universe does is guided by a “creator”

  5. ManifestationOfTruth August 8, 2009 at 6:22 pm #


    I myself am a former Agnostic, and so I understand the Atheist's position. It was only through re-evaluating Islam, the nature of the universe, and pondering over the innumerous varying concepts of God, that I returned to Islam after much debate. It's important to play devils advocate in order to ensure one's position is accurate, and to understand the oppositions' positions. So, that is what I shall do here – attempt to refute the argument.

    This popular, age old argument is closely related to the "cosmological argument" for the existence of God – or a stronger variant, the "Kalam Cosmological Argument" by Imam Al-Ghazzali (who also composed his critic of it).

    1) Everything that begins to exist has a cause

    2) This current configuration began to exist with the onset of the big bang

    3) Therefore the universe has a cause

    Firstly I would like to respond to Fatima: I do agree that the tradtional argument is not extremely strong, so I must disagree with ashraf. Atheists already have many counter arguments to this. Although Fatima, I believe you are wrong when you say "something CAN come from nothing" – in fact Quantam Mechanics does not necessarily posit this. This is merely one interpretation drawn from some phenomena Quantam Mechanics deals with. Let me put it this way: In order for nothingness to exist, it must exist. However, is that truely "nothingness" – it is still something, i.e. the absence of everything else, however the concept itself exists. This is seen more clearly in this example: in order for non-existence to exist, it must exist. This is self-contradictory. The Big Bang theory does not posit that everything came from nothingness, rather in the singularity time, space and energy existed in a different form – the potential for all that is existed. To ask "what was before the universe" is a logical fallacy, as time began with the onset of the beginning OF the universe. There is no "before" without "time" (unless another time dimension exists independently of this universe). Atheists (with even an iota of intelligence) do not maintain that "something can come from nothing" – this is not necessary.

    Now here is an intersting counter argument:

    Then what caused God? Now, since this does not address the above argument, as a Theist will respond with: God does not have a beginning. However, the Atheist can simply respond with: If God can be eternal, why not the Universe? Perhaps this current configeration cannot explain itself, however we know that energy is itself eternal – it can be spread over a greater area i.e. the Multiverse, why must we draw an external, completely seperate cause? Using Occams razor, we can eliminate all unnecessary causes and simply leave it at the Multiverse. To make things more interesting: If God created the universe, and exists beyond time – HOW did He create the universe? The act of creation is a process that involves change – this requires time. Would the act of creation occur in some sequential order? If so, than God is not absolute and is bound by time, and one can therefore question: Who created God? Why is this God necessary? If God is beyond time, then how can God even think? The process of changing thoughts requires time as well. An Atheist can also object: Even if you demonstrate that this current configeration has a beginning, justify that 1) it needs an orign (as from our 3 dimensional flawed perspective, we assume all things have beginnings and ends – comparing a boat making itself to the universe is fallacious, as they cannot be equated) 2) Even if it has a cause, why must this cause be a God? Why must it be something Personal – something Conscious? Evolution does indeed explain the apparently complex structures in the universe, what's more is that one can simply say that it is imbedded into the nature of this all encompassing structure (the Universe – that which contains ALL possible universes) to enable such complex structures from developing. Why cannot these structures develope by themselves? Etc. I apologize for my babbling, but Muslims need to recognize that this argument (as used in the tradtional sense) will not work very well. Yes, I have indeed found undeniable evidence for Allah's existence – and here's my hint: I only found such profound evidence AFTER reviewing my concept of God. Many Atheists believe God must be an anthropomorpic Being (ex. a magical giant bearded man outside of this universe, the "man up in the sky" concept). True, the Big Bang must have had a cause, but why could this cause not be some greater universe (ex. the multiverse), the potential for this universe to be – all already existed, it did not come into existence out of nothingness. What's more is that, black holes may indeed encompass a singularity point that may give rise to a universe. Here's the thing: when a Muslim says "Allah created this universe" often the Atheist pictures a magical invisible man who popped this universe into existence. We of course do NOT mean this, yet many Muslims are unaware of this. This must be clarified. Oh, and yes Evolution does indeed have overwhelming evidence. Sure, certain components are fallacious as understood in the popular sense, however please do not borrow fundamental Christian mentalities and fear that evolution is a threat to Islam – truth cannot be a threat to truth. I will agree that their are some problems, however in general the theory is well supported. First, one needs to understand what a theory is in the scientific sense.


    • Ali August 15, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

      Assalaamualaikum brother, would it be possible to get in touch with you via FB or MAIL?

      I have a similar argument and have looked in to the depths relating to such, and would like some advice if you may find some time, thanks.

      • Maribeth December 3, 2017 at 7:37 pm #

        You coun’ldt pay me to ignore these posts!

    • Nelson October 4, 2012 at 6:08 pm #


      Impressive sir. I thank you. The only thing that I would change is that fact that all atheist ( although you didn’t write it, it seems that the “all” is implied), picture a “sky daddy” Even when talking about a immaterial conciousness the cosmological argument fails simply because none if it directly points to a creator and it never points to a particular creator.

      Those that use the “concious mind” approach forget one major fact. Everything that humans deal with are based on physical properties. Many times people try to use love and emotions when dealing with the cosmological arugment along with the transcedental argument. As humans we have not concept and no examples of a disembodied mind that exist without a physical brain.

      Using the premise that you put forward, you would still have to show how this exists. Kudos on explaining Krauss’s theory of “nothingness.”

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    • I've officially had it with the NAACM when Sharpton and that organization Showed their support for the Dumbar Village gang rapists. The ten young black men who raped and tortured a black mother and her son in their home, and then attempted to light them on fire. Doesn't sound like much advancement there.

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  6. ManifestationOfTruth August 8, 2009 at 6:48 pm #

    cont: One more thing: The Big Bang Theory does not seek to explain the universe's existence, rather it aims at demonstrating the universe's development as far as we can detect it. This universe has simply changed form, not that it has been "created." That is to say, this current configeration – Energy has always existed.

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    • I want to make my fiance lemon bars for V-Day and wrap them individually in paper and write “I love you because..” on the outside then he unwraps them and sees all the different reasons I love him. But Im not sure if wrapping them in paper will make the paper all gross or stick to the lemon bars. Any ideas??.

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    • Hey Siddhartha – That is very true and I have had to make a few bribes myself in India over the years in order to get things done As for Targoviste, the photos on Google might be a little misleading. The ruins were nice but they are really just that one section. I’ll put some photos on my SmugMug page once I get organized to give you a better idea!

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  8. Truthhurts October 20, 2009 at 1:55 am #

    Assalamu aleykum wa rahma tullah

    Some interesting points made by many on this blog, in particular reference to manifestation. Im elated with the fact you came back to the true religion of Allah and His Messenger (Allahs peace be on him). May he guide all of us and keep us on the siraatul mustakeen.

    There is no “before” without “time” (unless another time dimension exists independently of this universe)… Time didn't have no meaning before the creation of the universe and its a distinct property of this physical universe we know of. We cannot comprehend Allah's time, so depending upon the 'aqeeda of the individual, the concept of time will differ. For example when Allahs Messenger (PBUH) ascended to the heavens, he was up there for earths time of approx 40 years, but when he came back he was only gone for a few hours.

    If God created the universe, and exists beyond time – HOW did He create the universe?… There are questions that we as MUSLIMS should not ask, pleasing Shaiytaan can be quite easy and this is one of the ways. Many Muslims through deep reflection have gone out the folds of Islaam and landed in the hands of kufr. A famous scholar has said "leave your intellect to yourself" for a specific reason. Human intellect in incapable of realising and grasping certain things. Allah has explicitly stated (I did not make them witnesses of the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor of the creation of their own selves; and I would not have taken the misguiders as assistants.) (18:51)

    So there are certain things you should watch out for, AND WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO WANT CONJECTURE, ATHEIST RHETORIC BORES ME TO PIECES, IF they don't want to believe thats their choice, but when the dust of their grave fills their mouth, the truth will manifest right infront of their eyes.

    Leave the debates to the scholars, learn the spiritual path to enlightenment, the trodden path, Here lies the success of an individual////

    Love and salaams


    • ManifestationOfTruth June 12, 2010 at 4:02 pm #


      It's been awhile, but it seems I've had some interesting responses. Thanks everyone.

      I'd just like to take the time to respond to Truthhurts, and I think you for taking the time to comment on my points.

      "Time didn’t have no meaning before the creation of the universe and its a distinct property of this physical universe we know of. We cannot comprehend Allah’s time, so depending upon the ‘aqeeda of the individual, the concept of time will differ. For example when Allahs Messenger (PBUH) ascended to the heavens, he was up there for earths time of approx 40 years, but when he came back he was only gone for a few hours."

      This is very true, and I'm glad to see you've picked up on the fallacious method of thinking (i.e. equating our perception of time, which is very subjective and relative, to how it operates on a macro-scale, on the scale of the universe). Basic 11th grade physics is enough to show how time can be very different depending on one's frame of reference.

      "There are questions that we as MUSLIMS should not ask, pleasing Shaiytaan can be quite easy and this is one of the ways. Many Muslims through deep reflection have gone out the folds of Islaam and landed in the hands of kufr. A famous scholar has said “leave your intellect to yourself” for a specific reason. Human intellect in incapable of realising and grasping certain things. Allah has explicitly stated (I did not make them witnesses of the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor of the creation of their own selves; and I would not have taken the misguiders as assistants.) (18:51)"

      True, there are questions beyond the scope of human comprehension. However, I must say my question was misunderstood here. When I say "how did Allah…" I mean not the exact methodology employed by Allah (swt), as Allah alone knows best. Rather, it is a question that seeks an explanation of causation outside of time. In other words, explaining how things can be caused without time.

      This is a valid question, and does not involve applying limited logic to the unlimited (i.e. the Divine). What it involves is merely exposing the false assumptions associated with the question. The false assumptions are:

      That the Kalam cosmological argument's premises are physical premises. They are, however, metaphysical premises.

      In other words, the argument never says that all sorts of causation have to be in the physical sense, nor do they have to involve some sort of physical sequence. As Hamza Andreas Tzortis says:

      "However I argued that God's act of creation can act as a simultaneous asymmetric type of cause, which is not temporally, but causally prior to the moment of creation. His act of creation is thus simultaneous with the creation of the universe. So the universe is an effect produced by a cause in time, in other words the act of creation enters time and causes the universe to come into existence at the same moment, and there are no good philosophical reasons why this can’t be true.

      I ended my response by concluding that there is no Philosophical consensus on the definition of causality (not to mention time itself!). Therefore, in the absence of a consensus the most basic definition should be used, and this definition doesn’t include time as a necessary factor. The basic definition is 'something which produces an effect'."

      I understand where you are coming from. Faulty thinking regarding matters of Aqeedah in the absence of scholarly knowledge is very dangerous. It in fact led many "Muslim philosophers" astray, by incorporating Greek philosophy into their understanding of Aqeedah.

      I stay away from such matters, and will do so until I gain a much clearer understanding of Aqeedah after finishing my studies under a prominent Scholar, Inshallah.

      Finally, you're right, a lot of the Atheists' conjecture is irrelevant. If the existence of God and the validity of the Qur'an are established, all else becomes far less relevant. Specific arguments directed at some detail of Islam or of Islamic theology are easily addressed, and if they cannot be through human reason, no harm is done (as its already been established that God exists + the Qur'an is His word). It simply means the matter lies outside of our logic.

      I believe that individuals should gain as much knowledge as they can, and debate only if they have the knowledge. It is important for Muslims to improve their debating skills, however, in the absence of knowledge, more harm is done than good.

      Thank you, may Allah (swt) grant us enlightenment.

      • ManifestationOfTruth June 12, 2010 at 4:02 pm #

        Edit: and I THANK you for taking the time to comment on my points.

      • Jacklynn December 3, 2017 at 11:56 pm #

        We denliitefy need more smart people like you around.

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        Caro Gabriel TavaresTire-me por favor o tratamento de Sr.Jero. Chega Jero.Com relação ao "meu" Capitão não ter dado um bom general gostava de saber as suas razões para tal afirmação, sendo certo que, como é natural, ninguém consegue agradar a toda a gente. Nem Deus o conseguiu…Melhores cumprimentos ,JERO.PS- Creia que fiquei espantado com o seu comentário nesta postagem que tem a ver essencialmente com o Capelão Padre Gama.

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        mell:when i say we are black tea partiers i do not mean we take lawn chairs and share beers with them…i mean we share the RIGHTEOUS RAGE ABOUT THE REAL SINS OF HOBAMA!see?semantics aside, they are wiser than his blind black cheerleaders who cheer their own slayings!!!

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        Helen: Thanks for the tip. I shall make sure to order the salt fish.Lizzie/Piggins/GC: As I say, I would never use the TT reviews to help me decide where to eat out. I took a bit of a punt on the Clerkenwell, and came good, but it could just as easily have been awful.Matt: An excellent point. Perhaps they had.

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        El tío ese de Dragon Ball que tomaba habichuelas mágicas. Que luego se fue a vivir con el gato blanco que hablaba en la torre aquella. Joer, es que no me acuerdo del nombre xD

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        Dat heeft hij weer netjes gefikst die kanjer van je.Nu nog een vlammetje in de haard en dan kom jij de winter wel door in die schommelstoel voor de open haard.Oja en die twee op de schoorsteen zijn dat nu echte bricoleurs?

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        Eric, you do know that Schiff is an "Austrian?" He was Ron Paul's chief economic adviser (Paul being no "economic" slouch himself). Being that both Schiff and Paul being vindicated each and every passing day since their predictions back in 2001/2002, the "Austrian" school will have to be conceded by the "others" as paramount in its thinking and proper analyses as we get closer and closer to collapse…

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        J’ai assité il y a qq années à une présentation sur les réseaux neuronaux. Je pense à ça en lisant le passage sur les muscles. Un des système “apprenant” que l’on nous avait présenté faisait dans son concept pensé à ce passage. Je ne savais pas que Poincaré était un philosophe membre de l’académie française. (Ton premier lien ne marche pas)

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        Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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        I usually play bar trivia on Thursday nights and you get to pick your team names. One of the best I’ve ever heard was “Terry Schiavo Unplugged”

      • You know who you’re really hurting with this, Falco. You’re hurting poor Mike Tunison. He has a cubic meter of Haynesworth-related diarrhea for Strasburg Nation, and you’re going to feed him a diet of pure Immodium for a week straight. He’ll need surgery because of you and your hackneyed convictions.

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        Another propaganda trick is to find any ruined building, stick a few battered hospital beds in it, and then show the news crews round the place.   13 likes

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        Yep. As of this year my kids love Lego now that they’re older. We got rid of the big mega blocks a few months ago just b/c there’s so little space in the trailer. Poor Olivia. We sold all of our Fisher Price sets before we moved to MB; she’s missed out on so many things our older kids did at that age, but she does get to enjoy the older things earlier…

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      • Det ble utrolig lekkert med den "sengesofaen" din i stua.Du er sÃ¥ flink til Ã¥ lage det fint omkring deg,nydelige bilder tar du ogsÃ¥:o)

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        I like the poem. Thanks for sharing your inspiration too! I’m still fumbling around wordpress and seems like I’m finding some gems of yours that I somehow missed! I love you! xoxo

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        Hi Steve: Thank you for reminding me to vote! Also, since I do not know where else to contact you, my videos are again playing very, very slow. Would you check the controls again? You folks fixed it last time for me, and I appreciated it very much. Thank you. Cindy R

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        I hope you made the hair appointment. Abby looks so happy and stylin’ in her hat. No request is too little to ask…prayers to you today and every day!Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

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        Sandhya..Are you really a talkative girl? Surprising, because ur blog doesn’t give that out..But maybe that is why you have a blog in the first place 🙂

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        I actually went to the places recommended in your blog and of course this too. When I reached there, it was still early and left a lot of ducks so I thought to come back later as I was still full with a very heavy breakfast. When i came back, they are finished!! That’s fast!! lolAnyway, definitely gonna go again to try

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      • Monk isn’t a movie its like a series of crime…IDK I don’t watch it all that much. Only once…2 years ago…so I don’t remember what its about. Plus it was NCIS. Or CIS-Miami or whatnot…or was it? Nahh…she doesn’t watch that…NM!

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    • Dragon December 3, 2017 at 9:21 pm #

      Thank God! Soeomne with brains speaks!

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      Peter From MinneapolisI don’t want you drunk. I want you hung over. Hung over the couch, the chair, the kitchen counter or the bed. . . Gees. now even I am embarassed. (Oh, but to see you bare assed. Sorry, kidding, I can’t resist a good or bad pun!)But it is a wonderful thing you are doing helping people to find freedom to be themselves. It is worth every penny!

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      Man, the WWE referees just can’t win. That ref makes the best call in pro wrestling history (actually using logic) and here’s Stroud, still ripping him for it. The refs must just gather at a pub after the show, all complaining about their lack of respect and/or the 46963 concussions each of them has suffered after being knocked cold by, like, a stray elbow.

    • cheap auto insurance Utica NY December 6, 2017 at 9:49 am #

      Why I wonder would they do away with all the suspense and reveal so much of their ending? It’s not a documentary either, so I don’t get why everything must be “based on a true story”, “inspired by true events” or “like totally happened to my cousin’s brother’s best friend.”

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      Perfeito.Kamui vai se fixando como uma realidade, muito bom.Mas para mim, o melhor do ano, mesmo, foi a pole do Hulke. Ah! Quanto tempo eu esperei para rir de novo.

    • cheap auto insurance Fayetteville NC December 6, 2017 at 3:34 pm #

      You guys were having too much fun!! Wish I was there! Great photos. Norma–you are always fashionable–even enveloped in a garbage bag. Thanks for the laugh! Robin

    • cheap car insurance quotes Dalton GA December 6, 2017 at 5:36 pm #

      imi place Ebdon de cand a reusit sa-l scoata din sarite pe Ronnie . omul nu se grabeste, are ritmul lui si-l impune asupra oricui, pe multi scotandu-i astfel din sarite…oricum, de un timp si-a apropiat durata loviturilor de cea medie, sa zic, dar mai demult era evidenta diferenta. aproape opusul “Rachetei” (ca timp de executie).

    • us agency car insurance Snellville GA December 6, 2017 at 7:36 pm #

      Realmente, Erica, extra-sistoles são terriveis! Tbém sinto como se fosse morrer…o pior de tudo é que não foi indicado nenhum medicamento no meu caso, o que acaba me deixando ainda mais insegura!

    • low income auto insurance Bellingham WA December 6, 2017 at 8:25 pm #

      This completely ignores reality. If this were to bankrupt the country, then why did we do so well after WWII? The Fed spent 3-trillion alone just on wheels-greasing, because all that defense spending wasn't putting enough money into the economy as far as they were concerned. This won't bankrupt us, at worse it will contribute to inflation, and make those pennies more worthless than they are.

    • non owners auto insurance quotes Mesa AZ December 6, 2017 at 9:14 pm #

      Julie B – What a lovely memory of one of the best days of your lives, & how fabulous for you both to be able to share this with those who were, or were not part of your special day. It really does shows how amazing your wedding day was xx

    • best car insurance in Bristol TN December 6, 2017 at 10:39 pm #

      October 29, 2011 – 8:01 am I used to get a lot of angry customer calls when working for big tech company managing a product. I used a strategy used by suicide prevention hotlines. I called it ‘preventing customer suicide’, which was a way for me to get distance and not have to be right/better/superior/etc. Listen, acknowledge the pain, respond with care. Even when no was the answer to the request (freebees mostly), customers were satisfied.It seems these technologies are often used as customer avoidance strategies rather than improving communication, a la the hated automated phone systems (at least I hate them).

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      Cooking taught me that good food doesn’t discriminate. I often hear people talking about how hard it is to cook for one person, and that there’s no point in following recipes or trying to make anything fun if it’s “just for you.” Some of the best meals I’ve had were in the company of my very own self. And if I may, I’m a fabulous date!

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      Thank you Andy , for featuring James and I on your Blog. We hope you will come back on one of your trips and stay with us again. We both enjoyed getting to know you and hope we meet again.

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    • cheapest car insurance in Thousand Oaks CA December 8, 2017 at 12:43 am #

      honey – I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time. I have a friend at church who is pretty much the same way right now with pregnancy #2 & she’s a nurse who is pretty much doing the same things you are to make it better to no avail. I’ll let you know if I find any magic potion before you go to “needle world”…that is, of course, if Drew doesn’t get here before I find a cure for ya

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    • It looks to me that this site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the exact same issue? I like this web site and dont want to have to miss it any time Im gone from my computer.

    • cheap non owners insurance Ventura CA December 8, 2017 at 5:32 am #

      WAU! Siinä sitä oli rustiikkia ja taidetta ja vähän moderniakin. Kiva katella niitä kaikkia ikään kuin yht´aikaa ja vertaillen 🙂 Kiitän!-Helena ja Blackie-

    • payless auto insurance Mansfield TX December 8, 2017 at 7:21 am #

      Kära inredningsfru!Visst har man anat, men Gud va kul!Blir helt rörd av det du skriver men blir så glad för din och din familjs skull! Jag håller tummarna och kommer absolut att följa dig och din blogg ända fram till dagen D! Kramar i massor ifrån Camilla

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      Ugh. I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots last year and wore them to death because they were just perfect. I bought a second pair to replace my first loves and the sole cracked completely in half on the second day out. Frustrating and disappointing.Just found your blog a few days ago; I love the combination of substantial, interesting text with nice photos. Also, your grey/purple hair is absolutely fantastic!

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      Oke uh I will start of by saying there are few articles that discrivbe the writing off all 4 screendrafts for Empire, and those odf wiki just happen yo be 1 of the few, annd claiming wwiki is unreliabl is rediculous cause they have great moderators and sources. Also uh Lucas talked about how he came up with and what the ide of The Battle of Hoth in inteerviews!!!!!!!!

    • free car insurance quotes Copperas Cove TX December 8, 2017 at 10:07 am #

      so sweet. sometimes i fear that after 8 years of being bf and gf then we’ll be married next year, baka magsawa. bu with activities like this, im sure mas magiging okay ang pagsasama Rovie,

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      I somewhat agree with John. I’m a veteran and use the VA system. If you claim a mental disability you should go through the process til you are well again. I do have a concern that VA is sharing info with the BATF. And why would his immediate family be barred from possessing or purchasing a firearm and have their 2nd Ammedment revoked unilaterally by BATF? As long as the Dems are in power anyone working in the US government feels empowered to do what ever they want to do. This current administration and their lackies really scare me.

    • auto insurance Ypsilanti MI December 8, 2017 at 6:23 pm #

      Hi Angelica Rojas, they sound over-mixed – watch the FAQ video and see how to do a ‘test batch’ and practice the differnt levels of folding so that you can get a feel for how mixed they should be.

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      Excellent tip, Pablo — thanks for sharing! I will be using this trick in the future, as it looks like it may help improve performance a bit. Btw, I consolidated your posts with the correct code.Cheers,Jeff

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      Je connais assez mal l’oeuvre de Faulkner mais votre billet est suffisamment éloquent pour me donner l’envie de m’y plonger; cet homme « qui porte en lui le sentiment de l’échec total  » , je n’aime pas la littérature tiède!

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    • cheap sr22 insurance Pine Bluff AR December 10, 2017 at 2:16 am #

      I’ve heard many a runner say that toning takes a backseat when they run. I can see why, too. It requires so much energy (as you well know). I know I’ll never see that 6 pack (even though it’s probably under there, somewhere) but do love the fact that I feel stronger in general.Big hug to you Laura, for totally making my day – and LOVE right back at you!

    • something "controversial" they all just went completely silent. It was awful. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:February 11th, 2011 at 11:02 amYou are such a nursing pro! I really found my group to be judgmental as well. A lot of it was non-verbal judgement too. Whenever I said something "controversial" they all just went completely silent. It was awful. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ]

  9. Student January 18, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    Salam brothers,

    I was glad to see manifestations answer cause most of my colleges are either agnostic or atheist

    Before i used to have the misconception that if i prove intelligent design a person will see the truth…

    as an example the watchman analogy that Muslims and our scholars use are always shot down online and by people with there counter arguments….i made the mistake of saying evolution is completely false, and was criticized with the same counter argument to which i had no reply

    What i feel is that one should try there best efforts to convey the msg of Islam to the target audience they are speaking to and adapt there reasoning accordingly..

    I think the Brother is showing us, the way to talk to approach these sort of people, most people of a certain theism are more easier to convey to Islam then a person who rejects it completely (own observation, could be wrong) and I find most of the scholars are able to address the theists well, but lack the understanding of the arguments used by an atheist.

    So we as Muslims should take the responsibility to educate ourselves on Islam and the world, to better address those people under span of influence.

    May Allah (s) give us all the oppurtunity to spread his word.

    • Makaila December 3, 2017 at 10:20 pm #

      All things corsndeied, this is a first class post

    • Ok I would have to say the bike out of those 2 exercises because you can change the resistance and therefore more pressure on your muscles although if you where to ride the bike at the same resistance as you would on a normal bike there would be little or no effect on your thighs because your not putting enough pressure on your thighsPs i recommend squatsCheers

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    • best car insurance in Sherman Oaks CA December 6, 2017 at 3:03 pm #

        3 décembre 2012Salut Cynthia, moi j’adore les boucles en coeur roses ! Je tiens à te féliciter pour tout ce que tu fais, continue comme ça ! Tes conseils valent de l’or ! Merci pour tout Gros bisous !

    • auto insurance rates Stafford TX December 6, 2017 at 5:14 pm #

      Love this, Suze! You’ve made me think, which is about the highest praise I can give for a blog post. This resonated with me and made me consider why I’ve stopped playing and singing and why I’ve never recorded myself and why I don’t make more time for writing. I don’t know that it’s fear, exactly, but part of it is the “dreaded” feeling of letting something out into the world before it’s “perfect”. We can spend our whole lives trying to get to perfect before we share instead of realizing it’s all part of the journey. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • free car insurance quotes Pacoima CA December 6, 2017 at 5:27 pm #

      Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

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    • free car insurance quotes Mentor OH December 7, 2017 at 3:46 am #

      I love that through all of the worries, you found a moment to capture so sweetly and lovingly!And the worries are natural, Mama! I'll hold your hand if you hold mine! 🙂

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        Oooh! So pretty! Someday I will make a quilt. I’ve started an ispy quilt but that was before you and I moved! I’ve got a sewing table (aka: grandparents dining table) in the basement as of last week so maybe I’m getting closer. You inspire me! thanks!

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        That dress is fabulous. You are such a bargain queen, I love it. Also, your photographs reminded me that I have a stash of postcards somewhere depicting the various Coventry 'actresses' who have been Lady Godiva over the years… now where on earth have I put those? You sound similar to me, forgetting what you have and that lol. Life's too short to catalogue 🙂

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        Can you imagine the MUSHROOMING that would be occurring these days if there were no alternative media or YouTube archiving?Can you imagine the stranglehold the DEM/MSM would have on this nation and, by extension, the world?Can you imagine nothing but Demorat-controlled Houses, Senates and White Houses for years and years?BZ

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  11. Abdullah October 26, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    Amin ya rabbal alamin sister.


    It's a blessing to have a revert amongst us who is a former Agnostic. Allah has given us the opportunity to da'wa with better points to counter to the atheists.

    That being said, w.r.t Imam Abu Hanifah's argument, we may have taken for granted that era and now. During the time of Tabi‘in, I sincerely believe that such an argument is valid. Those were simpler times. We are now nearing the end of times, the age of fitnah and dajjal.

    It was narrated in 'Syarah Aqidah At-Tahawiyah’, that there was once a group of people who did not believe in God, decided to meet up with Imam Abu Hanifah, with the intention of debating with him on the nature of the existence of God. An example similar to the above was given and in the end after reflection, they repented and returned to the monotheism of Allah s.w.t. MasyaAllah, the intelligence given to our ulama'.

    At this day and age, we have been bombarded with secularism that it is difficult to counteract with similar arguments. It's good to know more substantial arguments, such as the ones given by our brother, as part of our da'wa but as long as we don't resort too much on logical and scientific reasoning that may cloud our own tawheed due to our own lacking in knowledge. Cos that's a battle I'm fighting every day. May Allah guide us to the right path and make our iman everlasting.

  12. Blake January 27, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    I am a Christian, but am gratified to see my Muslim brothers confronting atheism. I enjoy very much showing unbelievers the evidence in science supporting belief in God. In that we (Christians and Muslims and Jews) are pretty much in lock-step.

    1. The universe exists.

    The universe had a beginning.

    Everything with a beginning has a cause.

    Therefore, the universe had a cause.

    2. The statistical improbability of life arising from non-life. Formation of DNA alone defies any possibility of accidental creation.

    3. Humans have objective moral values, something that only our creator could instill within us. Nowhere else in the natural world do we see any such code.

    If God does not exist, objective moral values do not exist.

    Objective moral values do exist.

    Therefore, God exists.

    4. The universe is fine-tuned to support intelligent life (us). The odds of it being so are greater than 1 in 10E10E123.

    The fine-tuning of the universe is due to either physical necessity, chance, or design.

    It is not due to physical necessity or chance.

    Therefore, it is due to design.

    Too summarize:

    1. God makes sense of the origin of the universe.

    2. God makes sense of the origin of life.

    3. God makes sense of objective moral values in the world.

    4. God makes sense of the fine-tuning of the universe for intelligent life.

    I borrowed some of the above from Dr. William Craig's excellent web site at

    May peace be with you.

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