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Muslims Pitch In

Chill Yo Sadaqa Yo! ICNA Relief Launches Back To School Giveaway Program.

Fresh pencils, erasers, a new book-bag, notebooks, folders, all the good stuff we all get before our first day of school. Sadly, this isn’t reality for every kid. As a result of being in a low income family, many kids in the U.S. still don’t get the basic essentials for school. That being said, it’s […]

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Br. Boona Muhammed ChillYoIslamYo Shout Out

Boonaa Mohammed Gives A Shout Out to!

Alhumdulilah I had a chance to meet Brother Boonaa Mohammed at ICNA convention this year. It was real fun and productive chilling with him. I’ve posted his poetry before, if you haven’t heard him spit. Check it out here It’s a big blessing to have someone talented like him in our Ummah. May Allah swt […]

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Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention Gaining Popularity

Masha’ Allah! I don’t what it feels like to attend the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention but based on what I see and hear, the convention has a unique experience that sets it apart from other Islamic conventions around the World. Maybe it’s the fact that Young Muslims organize it, maybe it’s the Speaker Panel […]

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Diamonds in the rough

Youth Conference 2011

You didn’t hear yet? The most anticipated Youth Conference of the year is just around the corner. It’s going to take place insh’Allah in Hartford, CT set to start Saturday, May 28 at 9:00am – May 30 to 3:00pm. For those who don’t know, this is running parallel to the bigger conference by ICNA a.k.a […]

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Learning to Stand up against Islamophobia Event

Insh’Allah this Saturday a program on “Learning to stand up against Islamophobia” will be held in Long Island, NY. If your free like a bird come true!..I mean through. =) Organized by Muslim Peace Coalition USA, below are some topics that will be covered: * Why Muslims must be part of the peace movement * […]

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M100 Foundation Keeps the Grants Rolling

Mash’Allah! The Baraka (blessing) keeps coming down and the Sadaqa (charity) keeps going out. As promised, for two straight days M100 has given two grants. The grants were given to: Inner-city Muslim Action Network DC (IMAN) Bread for the City If you want to help donate for the 30/30 Campaign, click here. May Allah swt […]

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