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Halal Gelatin Free Skittles

I’ve been hearing alot about skittles becoming gelatin free lately, you know how some Muslims love spreading rumors. Well the other day I went to my local CVS pharmacy to get some drugs. Not anything haraam, relax. So anyways while I was waiting in line I decided to pick up a packet and check. It’s […]

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Disney Starts Selling Branded Eggs

Salam yo, Just what we needed in a recession. Speaking about brand power and recognition, I was flipping through some channels yesterday and saw this. Can’t believe Disney started selling branded eggs for breakfast, each eggs are stamped with your favorite Disney character.  Consumerism, nufsi nufsi, yea this is dunya! Make sure your kid dosen’t […]

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Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) If you have a blog and want to promote a good cause I suggest you join ” Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty”. Check out this Article from the Global Issues Organization ” Poverty […]

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Islam and Obesity (Why People are so fat)

Salam, What do you do to fulfill your desires? Ask different people and you will certainly get different answers, but looking upon the state of society we can say that some individuals drink excessively, some do drugs, some worship money and become obsessive compulsive gamblers and then their are those who eat like theres no […]

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Attention: Halal Hustle!

So heres the deal, columbia university is giving 25 dollars for any person who wants to make their voice heard, i think its cool to be heard, especially at a time like this…so look into it, represent the Muslims in America, and think wisely before taking it, you can take it over the phone also, […]

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