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Ten Sicknesses of the Heart

Salam, This is one of the realest things I’ve heard in my life, insh’allah we can all learn from this.  Ibrahim Bin Adham ( May Allah swt have mercy on him) told these sicknesses of the spiritual heart to a group of people who asked him why their dua’s weren’t getting answered. In other words, […]

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Yo Brother, that’s not a Cigarette that Cigaweed! Astugfurillah

Salam, why are Muslim youth smoking weed? Whatever happened to Following the Sunnah, now a days brothers want to be Rasta’s and follow Bob Marley…yes they want to get high on life! Astugfurillah! Whether it’s because they can’t control there desires or there friend’s, myself, coming from Brooklyn where you probably any kind of weed […]

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