Stop Reminding Me About Haram Stuff

Reminders can be a good or bad thing. Lately, I’ve found it really annoying when people remind me about other Muslims sins. Not only does it make me think of others in a different light but worse of all the sin itself. I’ve fallen victim to the trend, where suddenly you get sucked into a backbiting buffet where everyone in the circle like hyenas is feasting.

The conversation serves no real benefit, especially considering there isn’t any tactical plan to convey it to the person who really needs to hear it.

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It’s easy to look at someone in their current state and Shaytan will most definitely exploit that so you end up feeling like you are better than them. Don’t gas yourself up like pepto bismo.

On the contrary, everyone has faults and is susceptible to be misguided. Don’t take guidance for granted! A day can make a worlds difference.

Our closeness to the deen fluctuates daily like the stock market so it doesn’t really matter where someone is right now, it’s ultimately the state they end up in when they finally depart from this world.

We’ve seen in life that sometimes it takes a tragic moment for someone to return to Allah (swt). This is from his mercy, it’s better than having your life taken then asking to go back to the dunya to correct your wrongs, right? One more chance? For all you hip hop artists (this has no relation to the biggie song).

Now there is a time and place for everything but when you notice this becomes part of the culture of wherever you are, whether it be your household, social circle and or work. Just remember nothing in life is guaranteed. Especially guidance! So be the person who puts a stop to this.

Anyhow, I’d like to wrap this up by sharing a quote from Imam Ghazali (may have mercy on him said):

” The hypocrites look for faults, the believers look for excuses”. 

May Allah (swt) keep us conscious of this. Ameen…

…Oh and stop reminding me of haram stuff.

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