Quotes from Imam Malik (R)


Alhumdulilah in the early generation of Muslims or better known as the righteous predecessors, many high caliber Islamic scholars were produced. One of these well known scholars which has always amazed me in his thought and character was Malik ibn Anas (R). Imam Malik Quotes

Lately, I’ve been collecting many of his quotes and I wanted to share them with you all. I couldn’t find anywhere on the web where several of his quotes were presented in one place so insha’Allah I hope it’s beneficial.

“The shield of the scholar is, ‘I do not know,’ so if he neglects it, his statement is attacked.”

“Argumentation hardens the heart and engenders resentment”

“The Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned.”

“Whosoever introduces into Islaam an innovation, which he deems is good, then he has claimed that Muhammad (S)  has betrayed (the trust of conveying) the Message. Read the saying of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic: ‘This day I have completed your Religion for you, and I have perfected my favor upon you, and I am pleased with Islam as a Religion for you.’ [Surah Ma’idah: Ayah 3]

“I do not accept knowledge from four types of people: (1) a person well-known to be foolish, even though all the other people narrate from him, (2) a person involved in committing heresy and calling others towards the innovation in Deen, (3) a person who lies in regular conversation with people, even though I do not accuse him as liar in regards to Hadith, (4) and a person who is pious worshiper or scholar, but does not properly and correctly memorize what he narrates.”

Once a man came to Imam Malik from a very far distance and he asked him 40 questions. Imam Malik only answered four of them and for the rest of the 36 questions he replied, “I don’t know.”

The man was surprised and asked Imam Malik “what should I tell people about these 36 questions for which you said (I don’t know)?” Imam Malik replied that the man should tell the people that Malik says: “I don’t know,” “I don’t know,” “I don’t know.” Imam Malik (R) said this 3 times.

These were all of the quotes I was able to find by listening to different scholars and coming across some texts. May Allah swt allow us to benefit from the wisdom of the scholars of our Ummah. Ameen.

Do you have any quotes from Imam Malik (R) or any of the other early scholars? Feel free to Share them!

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