Don’t poke out your spiritual eye!

Astukfurillah recently after doing some research about lowering the gaze, and guarding our modesty, i was real suprised and happened to come across a link backed by google statistics showing the highest searched word in so called “Muslim Countries” is “Sex”, Astukfurillah, this is the state of our ummah, here is the link google trends: […]

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Anger Management!

If there are any jews visiting my site, sorry i had to use this picture, but it came up when i typed controlling anger in google images, but dont worry we gotta have halal and kosher anger management, and thats what leads me to my next post about controlling our anger!! so yea today we […]

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Evan Almighty – feel weak!

Malaysian Muslims have called for a ban on the blockbuster movie “Evan Almighty,” saying it is offensive to their religion, state media reported Friday. mad haraam yo! Malaysia’s influential Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) said the comedy, which plays on the story of Noah’s ark and features actor Morgan Freeman as God astukfurillah!!!!!, was insulting to […]

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why music? when we have nasheeds and quran!!

Why do i listen to music?, whether im in my room, or driving with my friends, or walking down the street, i hear music, if im in a desi community ill hear chalte chalte, if im in the hood ill hear jay z or 50 cent, when im going on long rides that are depressing […]

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doritos are halalujah! for some?

    Salaam, yo brothers and sisters, i’m a feen for doritos and i eat them like crazy, recently after rumor spread around saying doritos is haraam and a few confirmations came in, after some people supposedly called and said it was haraam, i broke down, i was like yo what chips am i going […]

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The Importance of Muslim Youth Organizations In North America

I Recently wrote an article for the mirror international newspaper about the importance of muslim youth organizations in north america…read on. The Importance of Muslim Youth Organizations in North America By Saad Ahmad In this day and age, almost every individual has heard about Islam, whether it is from the news, newspaper, or from the […]

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