Israel Continues Massacre


So after Israel says Hamas is a terror group and they must be eliminated, they react by terrorizing innocent civilians, killing woman and children in the hundreds. The worse massacre to the Palestinians in over 40 years, So is this conflict ever going to get better? How can it when those who condemn terrorism react by doing the same exact thing, speaking of double standards. So here is the The latest according to BBC NEWS:

  • 300 people have been killed in the air raids on gaza that began on Saturday
  •  Tunnels which were alleged to have been used for smuggling weapons from Egypt into Gaza to build up Hamas have been bombed.  In total, more than 40 air-strikes have been carried out, taking out 210 targets.
  • Witnesses in Gaza said they saw six separate air strikes on the Islamic University, hitting a laboratory building, just after midnight.
  • Israel says militants have fired 110 rockets into Israel since Saturday
  • In Israel, one person was killed on Saturday in the town of Netivot, some 20km (12 miles) east of Gaza, while there were reports of several Qassam rocket strikes early on Sunday

Here is are some articles from Digg that you should all read

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The Gaza Massacre: A Humanitarian Disaster

How you can help

Islamic Relief USA – Palestine Humanitarian Crisis

International Red Cross – Gaza: hospitals struggling to cope as fighting intensifies (The ICRC reminds the parties to the hostilities that international humanitarian law requires that a clear distinction be drawn between military objectives and the civilian population and civilian objects. In particular, the ICRC underlines the obligation of the parties to take all feasible precautions to spare the civilian population the effects of hostilities. Medical facilities and personnel must also be protected.)

May Allah swt protect the innocent and bring peace to the middle east, Ameen.

 As Muslims we stand with those oppressed whether they are in Palestine or Israel. In order for this crisis to ever get better, those who have wronged must bring themselves into account, if not they will be on the day of judgment inshallah.


2 Responses to Israel Continues Massacre

  1. seeking patience December 30, 2008 at 5:39 am #


    I agree, I honestly don't see the rationale behind that. Attacking an extremist group will only provoke them right? Isn't that common sense?

    What's worse is that, the Israelis don't seem to care that innocent lives have been lost and will be lost through this 'approach' of theirs… and this I watched on an Al-Jazeera coverage while corresponding with the Israeli PM spokesperson.

    I pray that their faith in Allah swt will only strengthen through this conflict.

  2. TKabir January 4, 2009 at 7:29 am #

    Hamas is a democratically elected government, they are not terrorists for defending their country.

    I hate how the media seems to show that the killing is balanced, how can this be when Palestinians use rocks and over 400 people have died and Israel is using F-16 bombers and Apache helicopters and only 4 people have died.

    Allah (SWT) has a plan and inshallah we are making dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and across the world.

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