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Take Halal Risks to Get Halal Rizq


One of things I often see in the world of marketing is deception or setting unrealistic expectations for a client. This is particularly evident when sales people are out persuading their prospective clients they should buy the product or service they are pitching.

What’s interesting is that Shaytan creates this false hope or motivation that you need to say anything that comes to your mind to get the sell. First thing is we as Muslims believe our rizq is written. Secondly, with that belief, one should consciously try their best to not mislead a potential client. If your thinking “hey, I should say whatever to get this client on board to get my money” then you’re only fooling yourself.

I’ve heard a story about Ali (R) which directly relates to this. I’ve heard it in many different versions but basically Ali (R) once requested a man to watch his mule (donkey) as he went into the masjid to pray. When he came out, he noticed the man had stolen his mule. He went looking for it into the souk (bazaar) and noticed someone else had it in their possession.

When he confirmed it was his and the mule was purchased for two dinars, Ali (R) said he was going to give the man two dinars for watching his mule. Instead the man chose to go down the haram route and get his two dinars the wrong way.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear with correlating that above story to my original point, but basically the lesson is it’s up to you how you want to pursue your rizq. You can go through halal or haram means to attain it but ultimately it’s been decreed, however, Allah swt has given us the intelligence and moral consciousness to choose how.

The Sunnah makes it all clear, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

A truthful and trustworthy trader will be in the company of the prophets, the very truthful, and the martyrs (Tirmidhī, Dāramī, Dāraquṭnī).

Lastly, I know rizq is a comprehensive concept in Islam, I’m writing from the perspective of monetary gain.

Until next time insha’Allah. Take Halal Risk to Get Your Rizq!