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3 Ways to Write Compelling Blog Post Titles

Alhumdulilah, ever since I’ve started my chill yo islam yo blog and attempted to create new articles (posts), I’ve realized certain practices are more effective when your looking to attract more readers and increase engagement.

One of the areas which deserves attention is blog post titles. Certainly, the blog post title isn’t everything, the underlying content within the articles needs to also be unique and have substance. In any case, your potential reader will decided to visit or not visit your website based on what they see first and usually that’s your post title.

I’m going to try breaking this post down like tetris logically so you can understand what I mean:

Why do Blog Post Titles Matter?

  1. It affects how your content gets fetched or indexed in all search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
  2. Readers are receptive to clear post titles with attractive keywords.
  3. If you title your post right, your posts can spread like butter on bread through social media.
  4. Essentially you want to maximize exposure and increase sharing, the chances of that happening can be done when you carefully craft your blog post title.
  5. Readers are exposed to hundreds if not more articles a day, what’s going to make your post stand out?

That being said, I wanted to dive into 3 ways you can write compelling blog post titles. I’ll take examples of what I’ve done in the past that worked and insha’Allah it can be beneficial for you guys. Remember based on your situation, you’ll need to apply the following practices accordingly.

3 Ways to Write a Blog Post Title

  1. Tackle a real problem or issue that’s relevant to your target readers. If it’s something which they are missing in their daily life’s, then address the blog post title to do just that. This can be done by starting off with “How”. In my case, one example is when I wrote the article “How to Stop Making Excuses for Missing Salat”. I knew the issue of missing Salat is very relevant within our community, especially amongst young Muslims so I captured that in my title . Alhumdulilah this article continues to get good engagement.
  2. Communicate a Benefit. In my previous example, notice that I started with “How”. This assumes the post would give real practical ways to stop missing Salat. Another way you can write a post title is by asking “Why”. For example, “Why You Should Take the High Road When Others Aren’t”. Both are essentially displaying some sort of benefit to the topic or issue that is being discussed. Notice in this title, I also personalized it by including the keyword “You”. This speaks directly to the reader on an individual/personal level.
  3. Lastly, you can ask a creative question. For example,  one of my articles was titled “Tarbiya or Disturbia?”. Anytime, you ask a question, your immediately getting a potential reader’s attention because it is influencing them to reflect on what is being asked and this tends to have them seek more interest.

There are more tactics that can be addressed but I didn’t want to make this too long so yea that wraps it up like Eid gifts. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them below.

Please keep me in your dua’s, insha’Allah will write again soon. Wa’salaam Yo