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Chill Yo Sadaqa Yo! ICNA Relief Launches Back To School Giveaway Program.

Fresh pencils, erasers, a new book-bag, notebooks, folders, all the good stuff we all get before our first day of school. Sadly, this isn’t reality for every kid. As a result of being in a low income family, many kids in the U.S. still don’t get the basic essentials for school.

That being said, it’s that time of the year again! Yes Ramadan and back to school shopping or should I say giveaways. Alhumdulilah ICNA relief and volunteers are back at it again. So what are they doing again you might ask?

Imagine a non profit Muslim organization going from city to city and distributing free school supplies to both non Muslim and Muslim families.  I witnessed the effects of this last year and in the midst of a hot political environment and haters trying to make Muslims in America look like unproductive members of society, efforts like ICNA is executing helps wipe out all those negative stereotypes. Just a quick snapshot for last year, over 4,000 bags were given in NYC alone. Mash’Allah.

The philosophy behind the project is quite simple, reviving the basic sunnah of helping your neighbors + thinking local when it comes to charity.

The ICNA back to school giveaway has partnered with Muslims Pitch In. A central place for volunteers to sign up and help out at the giveaways.

Now is you chance to get involved. What we all can do to help:

  1. Build Buzz
  2. Give donations to finance the cost of school supplies
  3. Volunteer our time

Feel free to visit the back to school giveaway site for more information.

Anyways, peep the video below.