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Poetry: “Greed”


Alhumdulilah, I write a lot of poetry offline and I personally believe it’s real fun. I know haven’t posted articles too much so I’ll be writing poems now insh’Allah.

For those that know me, know that from time to time I like to rhyme for fun on random topics. Anyways I decided to write one today called “Greed”. I didn’t really do much editing, it’s more of a freestyle or what we call keystyle. Natural delivery. Anyways here it is, Greed by Saad Ahmad Rashad (me) 🙂

My boss once asked me are you working hard or hardly working? A need for greed, some people accelerate in the pursuit of material things, rocks and rings, I ask myself is it really worth it?

Money comes and goes but life comes once and when it goes never comes back, so why sell your soul? You can buy a fancy watch, but you can’t buy time, like grains of sands passing through the hour glass, precious moments pass, better “watch” where you step, between heaven and hell there’s a thin line.

It doesn’t make sense to me, brother keeps his shop open at the cost of missing Jumu’ah, depriving himself of blessings, but no that’s okay to him, if it leads him to luxury.

Allah swt reminds us verily “Man is in loss except those who believe and do righteous deeds”, there’s more to dollars $igns than just greed so reflect on the signs of Allah and take heed,

A cure for every disease, Qu’ran, dhikr and repentance, a believer lives in the world on a mission, but our beloved Prophet (s) said it’s a prison so be prepared for your soul’s sentence,

From go gettas to go givers, Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) said when it comes to charity, spend like the flowing rivers, let your hands go free.

The scholars say when you help others your only helping yourself, so when the donation box comes around don’t be stingy, drop it like it’s hot, remember money is a trust from Allah, give it to the needy.

All provisions come from the Almighty One, don’t give no one credit for it, not even Capital One, what’s in your wallet? I only take business risks if it results in halal rizq, that’s what the believers call it.

Can’t waste money, nor get wasted like an alcoholic, shop till you drop in the mall, some people are shopaholics,

Insh’Allah we can all become conscious of our spending, don’t get detracted from the end Goal, or let material possessions get you distracted and in the process you sell your soul.

I got a deen state of mind, sadaqa leads to baraka, on my constant halal hustle, just the daily grind.