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Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention Gaining Popularity

Masha’ Allah! I don’t what it feels like to attend the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention but based on what I see and hear, the convention has a unique experience that sets it apart from other Islamic conventions around the World.

Maybe it’s the fact that Young Muslims organize it, maybe it’s the Speaker Panel plus all the blessings in the air, probably all of it. Allah knows best.

Anyways, just going through how well users are engaging with Islamic Organizations on social media a.k.a facebook, I found RIS to be liked by over 39,000! That’s real impressive considering it’s only their 2nd Year in America.

Anyone been to the RIS convention, how is it? insh’Allah hope to attend one day. I’m also wondering why any of the speeches that are given by scholars there aren’t up for sale or public viewing?

Update: Previous lectures from the conference can now be streamed for $0.99, click here.