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Please Support the Al Amaanah Refugee Pepsi Refresh Project

I like to share some info on an initiative which was inspired through the Pepsi Refresh Project. To be precise, it came from a youth organization in Houston called Al Amaanah (www.alamaanah.com).

Pepsi Refresh Project

The whole idea behind the Pepsi Refresh Project is simple: it’s an online cause marketing campaign by Pepsi or as the Arabs say “Bepsi” that will fund grants for philanthropic efforts.

I think everyone would agree it’s a great marketing strategy for Pepsi. The community gets involved and the best or most “refreshing” ideas will be voted on.

After it’s all done, Pepsi will insh’Allah award a grant and donate funds to see these projects through. Mash’Allah good stuff for a large corporation.

Anyways back to Al Amaanah:

It was started by a group of students that saw the plight of the refugees that were brought to Houston and basically dumped.

Al Amaanah was chosen by Pepsi as a potential to receive a $25,000 grant to set up an after school program for some of the refugees.

Lastly, I wanted to share something the Al Amaanah team sent me. Please take a minute to read it:

Asalamu Alaikum,Pepsi has selected an Al Amaanah (Non profit based in Houston, Texas) project as a potential for receiving a $25,000 grant. For our selected project, we want to help a group of refugees (ages 9-15 year olds) by entering them into an After School Program. We need funds to transport them every day after school safely. We need your help to make it successful.

All you have to do is vote daily through Facebook http://www.refresheverything.com/refugees, text 105151 to Pepsi (73774) or vote at www.alamaanah.com

Please spread the word!

Jazakallah Khair,
The Al Amaanah Team

That being said, I personally wanted to encourage my readers to support this project. Whatever you can do is helpful, whether it’s a prayer, a donation or spreading news about it.

Let’s all pray the work by Al Amaanah is rewarded and May Allah bless everyone who is helping with a humanitarian cause in all of the Pepsi Refresh Projects. Ameen!

Cool? or you thirsty for more? haha, just playing. Visit the official Pepsi Refresh Project website for more information.