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MisternMisses.com Gets Ready to Launch, Calling all Serious Single Muslims.


Your probably thinking, oh man another Muslim matrimonial website?

Well people waited for halfourdeen.com, a project by baba ali which was highly anticipated but never really launched.

Recently I heard about misternmisses.com and was able interview Br.Arif, whose one of the founders of misterNmisses.com.

Yea so it’s a interactive online Muslim matrimonial and matchmaking site for Muslim’s serious about getting married.

Yea that’s right, serious about completing half of the deen, not no shatan schemes.

1.  Q.  Why separates misterNmisses.com from all the other Muslim matrimonial site out there?

A.  We have a few things that separate us from our competitors.  Firstly, our site will have a high end design and a western feel to it that increase user experience.  I think people will realize the difference in the physical appeal of our site compared to our competitors. Secondly, we will have absolutely have no fake profiles.  Without getting into specifics, its known that many of these matrimonial sites put up fake or inactive profiles to make themselves seem larger then they really are.  Thirdly, we are setting strict privacy controls.  People can choose who they interact with, who will see pictures and profiles, and block anyone they choose.  With that being said, no pictures will have the ability to be downloaded or saved. Fourth, we are not a dating site.  We will make sure that all our members are truly interested in marriage and not dating. And lastly, we will offer a marriage and relationship advice blog for an expert Islamic scholar.  I can honestly say that all this will set us apart from the rest.

2.  Q.  What gave you the idea to start misterNmisses.com?

A.  Finding the right spouse can be one of the most challenging things in the life of a Muslim, especially for those living in non- Muslim countries.  So we decided to implement a solution.  You can either date, get set up through random people, find the right spouse on your own and go about it the Islamic way, or use the Internet.  Dating is Haram, getting set up through random people usually never works, finding the right spouse on your own and going about it the Islamic way is the ideal method, but unfortunately we all don’t have that option.  We felt that a site like misterNmisses.com was needed so we decided to start it.

3.  Q.  What type of information can suitors learn about each other?

A.  Well, I have should have included this my first answer.  But each member will have to complete 5 section questionnaire which covers basic stats, religious values, personality, intelligence, physical and professional characteristics, and partner requirements.  Member will be able to learn a great deal about each other just by studying the profile.

4.  Q.  Is is going to be free or is there a cost?

A.  Each person gets there first 2 months absolutely free.  After that, is its $12/monthly or $100 paid upfront for the entire year.

5.  Q. What parts of the world are you focusing on?

A.  Well, we are marketing a lot in the USA, Canada, and UK. But will be open to Muslims living across the world.  As mentioned, we also have a marital and relationship advice blog from a renowned Islamic scholar.  This blog will be open to anyone of any religion in any part of the world.

Looks pretty neat huh? Well stay tuned as the site gets updated and bio-datas become more and more obsolete.