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Halaltrip.com Launches, Get Your Reviews Ready.

I usually don’t do this, but I found this website to be unique. halaltrip.com logo

Just recently Br.Saad (not me) launched halaltrip.com, the first website that caters to the Muslim market by offering real reviews by real people on Muslim friendly hotels throughout the world.

You might be wondering what’s a Muslim friendly hotel?

Well how about a hotel that serves halal food, has a prayer room, has a women only pool for sisters (no brothers allowed) and most importantly doesn’t serve alcohol. Wouldn’t you want to know about this? You can plan out your next vacation trip a.k.a halal-trip more accordingly.

Here is a snippet from the website (see below)


The website is still in it’s early stages but nevertheless I think it has a lot of potential insh’Allah.

It’s great to see more and more websites which great services catering to the Ummah being developed, a perfect example is how beneficial Zabihah.com was in helping Muslims all around the world find local halal restaurants.

Despite the worldwide economic crisis the so-called “Halal tourism” is still on the rise. The World Travel Market Report (WTM) called this special segment of travelling an “untapped field not only for Middle and Far East but also for
Western Europe”.

“Global Players like TripAdvisor, YahooTravel and HolidayCheck are just the peak of a huge variety of rating sites. Despite that there is still a ‘niche’, targeting a Muslim audience, who is keen on travelling within a Halal environment. That’s what halaltrip is for”, hopes Saad for a great future of his project.

Anyways, what do you guys think about halaltrip.com?